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There was a time in America when the Fourth Estate, considered to be the news media and print journalism, was a highly respected and honorable profession, a force for good that stood as an essential bulwark between the people and social norms and various issues that for whatever reason created newsworthy information that it disseminated. Sadly, I believe at a point in the mid 20th century something changed and the profession began to devolve.

In the beginning it was mainly the print media and perhaps some radio stations that reported the news to the people. With the advent of television networks, and then followed by 24 hour cable news, and talk radio, the market for information became saturated with a multiplicity of opinion and commentary, and many voices that had, in the minds of the deliverer, something of value to say. It was at some point in this evolution of journalism that a liberal ideology manifested itself; this way of thinking took hold of most in the profession that in turn reported the news slanted to the left. The results of this have had a detrimental effect on the fair, open and robust exchange of ideas and knowledge.

In the aftermath of the Manchester, England massacre by Muslim extremists, you would have thought, or perhaps hoped, that the American media, journalists, would have understood the enormity and horror of the attack, and put on hold their insatiable hunger to destroy the Trump administration.

Innocent people, children, young happy girls, whose screams of joy and excitement, while gathered at a concert to listen to the music of their favorite artist, were turned into screams of horror, fear and pain, victims of barbarians, “Losers”, whose fame is recognized in their delight in the slaughter, destruction and death of those who do not follow their twisted and corrupt religious ideology.

While the terrorist attacked, President Trump was in the midst of his first overseas venture. But what captured the moment for the American main stream media, what they preferred to dwell on was the one issue that has held their undivided attention since the election, and which they devoted most of their broadcast time to, the “Russia conspiracy”.

Most print media and cable news devoted scant attention to the Manchester attack, in some cases the broadcast networks as well as CNN and MSNBC spent minutes discussing this heinous terrorist attack, and then quickly reverted back to some new contrived element of the administrations ties to Russia. When they did bring up the president’s trip, it was to report on nothing but hackneyed inconsequential nonsense, such as:

  • Melania rebuffs hubby, slaps away his extended hand.
  • Prime Minister Natanyahu and his wife held hands.
  • The president seems to be walking awkwardly.
  • Melania got touchy, feely as the day wore on.
  • The pope doesn’t look especially happy to meet the First Family.
  • Melania and Ivanka wore head scarves with audience with the pope.
  • Melania and Ivanka did not wear head scarves meeting with Saudi leaders.
  • President is the odd man out with allies.
  • There have been bizarre and weird interactions in Brussels.
  • Trump jostles prime minister of Montenegro.

America, this is your media; the once noble profession has become, vindictive, petty, ideologically slanted and hateful. It has devolved into a corrupt, untrustworthy and illegitimate bastion of liberal demagoguery. They have lost perspective; their dislike and bias toward President Trump has pushed them over the edge in a dark abyss. Hopefully, there are still some news sources out there that are capable of delivering a modicum of fair and objective news.


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