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Nasty Trump, Lyin’ Ted, Nazi Republicans, white supremacists, white nationalists, racists, xenophobes; these are just a few of the epithets used by Democrats to slander Republicans.  The left always dismisses their own bigotry that is their history and believes they are without sin as they condemn the innocent as guilty even if proven innocent like Kavanaugh.  They ignore the crimes and sins of their leaders like Clinton and Obama declaring that Trump is nasty and too “undignified” to be president.  Because he calls a nasty woman who falsely attacked him “horseface” they say he is not as dignified a president as Barack Hussein “You can put lipstick on a pig” Obama.

Democrats on CNN slander all who vote for Trump as being beneath contempt and advocate for their destruction.  One said, “Until white evangelical men have the fortitude to speak out against this behavior then nothing’s going to change.”  Until minorities speak out and vote against Democrat lies and bigotry their lives will never improve.  The only problem in this nation over the last fifty years has been white evangelical men submitting to leftist instruction on how they should deal with the evils of the left.  That’s like obeying atheist’s instructions to Christians about what Jesus would do.

Democrats of the #MeTwoFaced movement are at home with the nastiness, perversions, sins, and crimes of their own, but let a Republican reveal they are human and they are smeared as “satanic.”  Democrats created the KKK and Nazism, but now deceitfully brand Republicans as their home.  They can only do this by mis-teaching the history of socialism.  This is the way of Alinsky’s teachings that were codified from how Democrats have behaved throughout their history.  This is why the leftist socialists wanted control of education and entertainment, so they could indoctrinate the young into their false histories and propagandize them through innuendo and false accusations.

Young minds are too immature to discern the difference between fact and fiction or to understand the righteous justice of being innocent until proven guilty.  They too easily fall victims to rumor and fabrication.  They have been de-educated to the point that they reject civilized liberty in favor of leftist dictatorship.  This is largely because they see criminals prospering, Hollywood glorifying them, and watch politicians lie with impunity.  Now the barbarians are at the gates again demanding Christians be destroyed and it’s our own fault.  In the name of being fair, Christians have allowed their children to be consumed by leftism.  It’s not just the fault leftists who embrace evil, but ours for allowing them to teach it without teaching our children how to stand against it.  We have met the enemy and he is us.

Democrats are the party of lawlessness 

President Trump understands the left and instinctively understands how to deal with them to a degree most people lack.  That’s why he has been running circles around them.  He understands how to fight fire with fire, how to fight dirty and win as he did against the redoubtable Ted Cruz in the 2016 primaries.  Ted is a genius among geniuses, but knowledge and the ability to teach is not enough when confronted by leftists who do not debate the facts because they know they are all wrong.  The left only slanders, mocks, and smears and Trump know how to use their own weapons against them.

Hopefully, Ted understood that Trump was only using Democrat tactics against him because they work with most of the population.  Before Ted is truly ready to take on the left he needs to be armed with more than the truth because they will not be confronting him with the truth.  Even as Trump discovered the media is 90% lying propagandists, Ted also must learn that to defeat the left requires more than just the sword of truth and the shield of righteousness – it requires all the Armor of God to deflect their lies and strike back at their weaknesses.

The Left sees the righteous as racist, crazy, or dumb.  We see the left as selfish, ignorant, and hateful.  They call us hateful while they rage in the streets.  They call us racist as they impose their bigotry by force.  Only one of us can be dumb which is why Democrats always resort to violence over the debate.  They prove by their actions that they are either deceivers or dupes.  Democrats have come out of the closet to reveal their true nature.  These snakes do not support America’s patriots, they do not help the poor, they do not fight for the people’s rights.  They fight for the rights of criminals to commit crimes, for foreign invaders to steal, to silence righteous speech, and to enslave the ignorant.  They do this by indoctrinating the young to believe that evil is good and good is evil.

Democrat Platform of False Beliefs

  • All cops are racists and should be abolished
  • Blacks and Hispanics are justified in attacking cops
  • All men are guilty if accused of sexual assault even if proven innocent
  • Liberal fascists rightfully silence the truth as hate speech through violence
  • American citizens have no right to self-defense
  • All wage earners are required to pay high taxes to government
  • Businesses must support Democrats or be destroyed
  • Christians, Jews, white men, and conservatives can be persecuted
  • Islamists are to be imported
  • Do away with the Constitution
  • Adopt Sharia law
  • Make Democrat power hereditary

There is no debating liberals because they’re not listening.  They are just screaming in mindless rage like barbarians.  They don’t want to win on the basis of having better ideas because they know all their ideas are wrong.  They want to bully Republicans into submission.  In the 1970s, Democrats put America under the boot of Islam with Carter’s submission to the Saudis for their oil.  Since then, Democrats have fought on their behalf in support of globalism crushing Christianity and elevating Islam to enslave the world to the elites and Imams of socialism.  Today, Donald Trump is fighting back the tide of darkness because Americans, Republicans, have been fighting for technology to free America from Saudi control of the world’s oil supplies.

In 2008, Democrats nuked the economy and blamed Bush to dupe the American people into electing a Moslem socialist along with giving him a Supermajority.  Obama used that power to inflict great damage on this nation and begin managing its decline.  In 2016, America finally wised up and rejected a third term of Islamist socialism to fundamentally transform America into a democratic socialist toilet.  President Trump has shown the way how to fight against the left and he has run circles around them.

But the swamp is wide and deep, and he needs more than just a few conservative Republicans that are currently on his side.  Democrats must be swept aside, and good Republicans put in their places.  RINOs must be weeded out and strong Americans that won’t work with socialists elected in their place.  America needs the Electoral College to keep Democrats from converting America into a corrupt democracy where lies and voter fraud rule.  Donald J. Trump has proven himself an American son who will fight for truth and liberty against leftist slanders.  Don’t let your children go on being indoctrinated by leftism in education and entertainment.  Learn what they are learning and teach them the truth.

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