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The 2018 Mid-term Elections to take place on November 6 will present to the American people one of the most historic choices ever presented to an electorate. Whether you like President Trump or not the choice before the American people is a choice of nothing less than life or death. With the Republican Party being the party of life and the Democrat Party the party of death. These distinctions are both symbolic and literal, unfortunately. The Republican Administration under President Trump has created a vibrant life-giving economy. Why do I say “life-giving?” First, Unemployment is the lowest in decades among all demographics and when there is an economy as robust as the current one seems to be this climate brings hope and hope brings life in all its definitions. Hope to support your family, buy a home, buy a car, take a vacation, etc. In other words, an optimistic, hope-filled and abundant life. This is what President Trump promises to the American people. What do Democrats promise- Impeachment of the President and his appointees, endless investigations into frivolous and petty allegations, repeal of the Trump Tax cuts and the raising of our taxes and rebuilding the entitlement population through racist policies and political correctness? These policies only breed negativity, pessimism, and cynicism. In other words, death.

I have not even mentioned the most obvious topics involving life and death and of course, those are abortion and euthanasia. You must have your head in the sand if you don’t where Republicans and Democrats stand on this issue. The Republicans are pro-life, and Democrats are pro-abortion and the most recent confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh revealed in a most frightening way how far the Dems would go to preserve their “sacrament” of Abortion. It is frightening to think what these members of Congress would do with if they regain any sort of a foothold in Congress come November 6. The Democrats have no regard for the law, the US Constitution and the liberties promised to all Americans. They only crave power and more power. The Democrat Agenda promises abortion on demand, open borders, high taxes, military intervention foreign policy, more obstruction, and a stagnant economy. In other words, DEATH. The Republican Agenda protects Life at all stages, an America-first foreign policy, low taxes, a robust economy and individual liberty for all Americans. In other words, LIFE! The mid-term elections to be held on November 6 are truly a choice of two roads this country’s future can take. One road leads to Life and the other to Death. Let’s hope and pray that the American Electorate can see the difference.

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