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To truly comprehend what is at stake, we must first understand what the “average” voter is looking for. They want someone with presence, one who can easily describe their position. A leader who will slam, generically, congress and the SCOTUS. We need someone not afraid to put in place the liberal media, nor liberals in general who try to misquote or misrepresent the candidate. We then need to look at the true Constitutional Conservatives who want small government, adherence to the constitution, and less cost to run the government while supporting military and security. Constitutional Conservatives want a unifier, and a person who believes in a Judeo-Christian country origin. So with those qualifications, who is truly the optimal candidate?

If Conservatives are determined to beat Hillary this may not be best option. If one votes for an unknown, or someone other than a person who was part of the original 17, then it must create an excitement that will be needed to beat the liberals in this general election. Several million still think Cruz is the best man for the job with the best plans to strengthen America. One could go on and on about how he or she would think Cruz is the right man for the job. So now that you know where millions stand…lets be pragmatic. There are more Democrat voters than Republicans. Constitutional Conservatives, “the #nevertrumps and #freethedelegates” need EVERY Republican vote PLUS some. If Cruz is the nominee they will lose the Trump cultist vote…losing to Hillary. Secondly if that happens then you’re going to hear real conservatives can’t win with a conservative…once again it will reinforce that conservatives are to Republicans what minorities are to Democrats. Which is we need your vote but we don’t take you seriously. Constitutional Conservatives need a candidate that both factions of the Republican party will accept while not getting their own candidate. The party is way too divided between the two. Just a very logical opinion and not necessarily what I want.

There are more Democrats than Republicans only in numbers of registrations. That number only exists on voter rolls. Much of it has to do with Republicans leaving the Party because they are disgusted with how the Party has behaved, and how Reince Priebus has turned his back on conservatives to try to win. But the actual truth is there are many more Republican and right-leaning voters than actual Democrats. In fact, some of the Democrats registered are right leaning. The fact is that the ONLY reason Donald is the presumptive nominee is because of a fringe group of about 3 million voters who are ACTUAL REPUBLICANS and about 12 million Democrat crossovers. The majority of actual Republicans did NOT want Trump. The fact is that if the Republican voters stick with Trump the fallout will be FAR worse and it is a GUARANTEED loss to Hillary. If Republicans want a true fighting chance then they will nominate someone else. Just open your eyes and watch what is happening. Many feel that Trump is a Hillary plant. He is throwing the election. He is constantly saying unintelligent rhetoric to make Republicans look stupid and bad and he is trying to take the heat and spotlight off Hillary. He is constantly spouting liberal policies, telling conservatives to get lost, saying he doesn’t need unity to win, etc. This guy is a train wreck and WILL lose to Hillary.

Would a double minority team be the answer? We need one that has the gravitas to stand up to Hillary and prove honesty, integrity, and knowledge is much more important than “vote for me because I am woman, hear me roar”, and one that has the strong convictions of the Constitution, while having the business acumen and national security principles that are needed to keep America safe. We need two people who would not only be able to show true grit, but powerful, strong, and also command respect by their presence. We need a team that would not only support the Conservative movement, but would break all barriers ever seen by the American voter. A team that can knock the sox off Clinton and????Whomever, while giving true reasoning to vote for them. They would gather the woman’s vote, a much needed group, the minority groups which we have never seen so low, while also giving rise to a new paradigm in Politics. I truly would be so ecstatic if the team of a Condoleezza Rice/Carly Fiorina came to the forefront.

With a team of Rice/Fiorina, they may not be the top choice for every Republican, nor every true conservative, but the alternative of Donald Trump, or a Hillary Clinton makes them look like true heroes to the rescue. They do need to include a few items, and they are to include in very high ranking and extremely high profile positions, which need to be announced immediately for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Governor Walker, and some non-competitors like Ben Sasse. With a team of this stature, you should bring all the Conservatives to the playground. All the Conservatives will say, this is what we wanted all along. So let’s stop Donald, and bring in the true Conservatives to the playground, and take the general election out from under Hillary, and the liberals while bringing the Constitution back to America.

If the true Constitutional Conservatives have a better team to put in place of Donald, let me know whom. With a double woman President/VP paradigm of two of the strongest political figures in America today, added to a team of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Ben Sasse in high positions, Hillary might as well stop, call and congratulate Condoleezza now, and save America the headache of listening to her spew more lies and falsehoods till November. We need above reproach a strong powerful world known and respected President, with a strong willed knight to fight the liberals with gravitas and facts as only Carly can do. We need Ted to steer the ship to the Constitutional harbor, and Marco to bring excitement and youth to a stale and old political system. We need Scott Walker to change the way America views unions, employment and job creation, while we need an honest family man like Ben Sasse to state where we stand in the world, and what we need to do to bring the World back together in a way that has not been seen since Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.


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