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It’s hard to comprehend all the crazy stuff happening in our Country lately.

Not the fact it’s actually “happening” (Obama set the stage for all of it) but the absolute idiocy of the reasons for it.  I can’t believe how “backwards” we have gone so quickly in race relations to the levels I witnessed in the 50’s and 60’s and in some cases even worse!  Incredibly disappointing and sad!  It also appears that many people/races have forgotten what it’s like to be respectful and decent towards one another as fellow Americans.  We’re all being pitted one against another to create chaos.  Sadly…it was all intentional!!  Anarchy is the first step towards a dictatorship.  I believe this was the goal of Obama and the hard-left groups and why they pushed so fiercely for a Hillary victory.  We barely escaped that with the Trump win.

For the past 8 years, we had a President that flaunted the Rule of Law.  Everybody saw it but nothing was done about it because you KNEW it would be labeled “racism” and all hell would break loose.

It started the first week of Obama’s Presidency when he did not enforce the law by prosecuting a Black Panther for intimidating voters at a Polling location even though it was clearing caught on tape! The Black Panthers were tickled, emboldened and came out voicing their intent to kill white people.

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If I were a disenfranchised black person in this country…I would have immediately recognized that I was going to be able to get away with more racially motivated activity than in prior years.  So, the “angry” blacks became emboldened.

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The Obama administration did nothing.  They simply ignored that law. This was the start of tearing down relations of blacks/whites and conservatives/liberals.  This isn’t just a race thing…it’s also Americans against anti-Americans.  However, the easiest button to push was initiating race relations because he was the first black president and everyone on the left was giddy!  And any “white” person that objected would be viewed as racist.

Following the Black Panther event, Obama stated on live TV that “the police acted stupidly” when they arrested a black man that neighbors observed as an attempt to break into a house.  He was taken in for questioning and later released after confirmation of his identity as Obama’s old professor.  Once again, “angry” blacks became emboldened.

These two events were followed by the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida where Obama pulled his “own” race card saying Trayvon could be his son and calling it racism.  Then came Ferguson, MO. where the death of a black man who clearly provoked his own death with his stupid physical and illegal actions against a Store manager and a Law Enforcement Officer…and Obama and Holder came out “swinging” by screaming racism and police brutality against blacks.

Again, if I were an “angry” black person, I’d immediately recognize that I was pretty much free to cause any kind of “stink” I wanted and Obama would “have my back”.  So, the Black Lives Matters group was formed and emboldened by the President’s tacit approval.  One of the first actions by this group was to stage riots (oops…I mean Rallies) and then in Dallas, TX they actually murdered 5 Police Officers.  Never heard a word from Obama chastising the BLM and pointing out that Blacks killed the Policemen.  Sickening!

For 8 years Obama continued to “fan the flames” of racial discord.  And his objective to “fundamentally transform” America included instigating other crimes that were not race related.

Obama pitted men against women, Christians against non-Christians, Employers against Employees.  Heterosexuals against all the other alphabet descriptions of sexually confused people.  Republicans against Democrats.  The 1%ers against the 99%ers.  Allowed criminals to act out against law enforcement. Obama encouraged all the “somethings” against other “somethings” in order to keep this Nation riled up and confused while he carried on with all his anti-American decrees with his cell phone and pen.  Angst and rebellion were everywhere.

And so today, we are living with what Obama sowed. Race relations across the country have been set back 30-50 years.  People perfectly comfortable with rioting in the streets, spewing hatred with their rhetoric, attacking Police, ridiculing anybody that does not “toe his line”.  The difference today from the 1940-60’s is that millions more people are aware of what takes place because of all the technology advances in communication.

One of the most dangerous communications is our Main Stream Media that are “owned” by the Left extremists.  Their reporting is blatantly biased, vilifying with their name-calling, promoting false narrative, reporting obvious lies and unsubstantiated reports, and are fanning the flames of division and hatred across our nation. Sickening!  As Hitler said years ago…if you control the talk (media publications/broadcasts) you can control the people!

A lot of people no longer embrace the truth.  Everything is sensational in its’ reporting and pontificating by the “talking heads”.  Flat out lies, twisted opinions, and spewing out hatred.  I have never in my life seen so many people wish for the assassination of an American President.  What in the hell is wrong with these people?

There are some seriously bad Leaders that rule countries across this planet and we don’t hear anything from the Media about assassinating them!  There are Rulers who starve and kill their people.  Rulers that promote murders of others.  Rulers that promote and protect terrorism.  Rulers that promote sexism and even death to women who dare to speak up or walk the streets without a male escort.  Rulers that kill people for practicing their faith.  Where is THAT outrage from our self-righteous Media, Hollywood and Leftists?

One way or another our Media, Hollywood and Leftists appear to want Trump killed or at the very least, impeached.  They glorify depictions of beheading Trump, murdering him in stage productions, and all their other despicable ranting and raving.

Yet, the only seriously “terrible” things he wants to do is restore and enforce our Laws, put America first, protect our people and increase household income.  Geez…what a novel idea for a President of a Country!!  His problem is…he’s the only damned politician we have that isn’t afraid to stand up to those people and counter their crap with truth and facts!  So they’re crucifying him every single day.

The entire country of non-Patriots are doing everything in their power to “Take Down The Donald” and with it…America.

Why, you ask?  I truly believe that way too many people here do not love this Country and the efforts of those before us to make it the best on earth.  They only love the notoriety and wealth they get from trashing the United States and breaking nearly every type of law in this Nation.  And they are beside themselves to do all they can to stop Trump from taking away their gravy train and preventing him from working hard to bring our Nation back to a country of Law and Order and Moral decency!!

The despicable and dishonest behavior from even our Politicians is on full display…even some of those that identify as Republicans!  Congressmen/Women calling for impeachment, death threats, depictions of death threats.  The Media going absolutely crazy with distortion, subterfuge, and lies.

And all the time this Trump Bashing is going on…we get “entertained” by stories of political corruption, NFL protesting players, Hollywood’s debauchery, sexual harassment from Liberal “heroes” (Weinstein and Eminem recently) blatant racism on display everywhere, violence in the streets, women wearing vagina masks marching in the streets, and the list literally goes on and on.

What the heck kind of example are we setting for todays’ youth?  They are essentially telling them that if you don’t get your way…just go crazy with vulgar language, false accusations, debauchery and violence in the streets, and make sure the Media keeps lying and covers you.

Why is this happening?  Because Obama gave credence to all the crazies out there that America was a broken country of snobbish racist white people that needed to be “put in their place” even if it meant ignoring laws to accomplish it!!  They became emboldened because the President of the United States encouraged, defended and promoted anarchy!

Trump wants a “fair” Climate Agreement that does not require us to do more, and pay more, than countries that are lagging behind and not fulfilling prior commitments.  The Liberal response?  Trump is going to destroy the Earth, trashing America’s reputation, and is reckless!

Trump wants to renegotiate the Iran agreement to ensure that we do not enable Iran to grow their nuclear capabilities and require inspections.  The Liberal response?  Trump is racist, anti-Muslim, and has Islamophobia.

Trump wants to protect our country from potential terrorists by revamping of our immigration policy and has started with limiting entry to the U.S. with a temporary travel ban from countries known to harbor radical terrorists.  The Liberal response? Trump is racist, ant-Muslim and has Islamophobia.

Trump wants a wall along our southern border (just like the wall on Mexico’s southern border) to ensure our country remains sovereign. Curb illegal immigrants entering our country and taking American dollars and jobs. Stop giving tax payer money in the form of Government assistance which all legal citizens pay for and burdens them.  The wall will also prevent potential terrorists from entering our country.  The Liberal response?  Trump is selfish, cruel, heartless, racist, anti-Hispanic, anti-Muslim, and has other phobias.

Trump wants America prosperous.  He lifts restrictive orders from Obama to kill the coal industry.  He approved the go-ahead of the Keystone Pipeline.  Has taken steps to lift un-do burdens on businesses so they can prosper and hire more Americans.  He’s signed orders to create Apprenticeships for women and young people to increase job skills and opportunity. The Liberal response?  Trump hates the Earth, is reckless, we’ll all die from emissions, he’s making the oil industry richer, he hates women, and is ruining the country.

You see a pattern here?  Nothing from the Left actually addresses the issues/situations in a civil way. They’ve also been “emboldened” from Obama’s era to be feisty and divisive and to act like whiny crybabies and use pathetic rhetoric if they don’t get their way.  Obama sowed this early on when he turned to John McCain at the table and derisively told him, “elections have consequences, John”.  Which in plain words meant…”it’s now my way…or the highway”!

Obama sowed this atmosphere of divisiveness by deflecting all rational discourse utilizing sound-bites, name calling, ridicule, his “pen & phone”, retaliation and vicious ridicule to get his way.  His loyal followers adopted this into their own DNA and we have a group of disgusting Democrat leaders on the Left and a few clueless and traitorous backstabbers on the Right.

We’re witnessing a Nation out of control.  The Left’s agenda through their messiah Obama to “fundamentally transform” America as he promised in 2008…has gone down the proverbial toilet with Trump’s win.

This chaos was intentional because it would have given Hillary a much easier path to enact stricter controls on the American people and flood this country with illegals who could vote and help maintain their control for decades.

What they didn’t expect was a loss for their dream girl.  NO ONE on the Left thought it remotely possible that Hillary would lose.  They thought they had all their ducks in a row with racial issues resurfacing, all the Anti-groups in place, the Media totally in their pocket, and Hollywood’s millions.

With that “set up”, and Miss Hillary as Obama II, they could enact their global agenda of ramming through legislation that would quickly take away more and more of the American people’s liberties.

What they never dreamed or planned for was the total rejection of their 8-year reign from a thoroughly disgusted group of “Voting Deplorables” that were fed up and said enough is enough!!  With what they had in place…NOTHING could have stopped them.  But the one and only thing that could stop them was the “ballot box” and THANK GOD…the America-Loving people got out and voted!!

The Left’s shock from that message has still not worn off.  So, they’ve turned to vile and vicious words and actions.  They are fighting tooth and toenail to disqualify the outcome because they’ve had their way for so many years and now they’re witnessing it getting ripped apart by a President that was “hired” to do just that!!!  THANK GOD !!!

Americans are Reaping what Obama Sowed.

Stay strong my fellow Patriots.  We WILL weather this storm!!  God Bless America!!

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Old Woolfy

Old Woolfy was born in Southern California and lived up and down the West Coast States and multiple States in the Midwest. He was a Marketing Director and Business Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies. He has one Daughter and three precious Grandchildren and is currently not married. He is a true "Conservative" who votes primarily Republican but will vote independently when a Rino is on the ticket.due to many GOP's abandonment of conservative core principals. Old Woolfy has authored numerous "Career Training Curriculum's", Corporate Training Manuals, White Papers, Resumes, Cover Letters, Short Stories, and Poetry.


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