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Americans should be a tad more understanding about groups like Social Justice Warriors. Members of such groups tend to follow after an outdated economic philosophy dreamed up by a guy who presumed life was neatly divided into the Owners and the Workers, and that Workers should own the “means of production”, a vague term that conjures up factory lines or coal mines. What would Karl Marx think of average people tinkering in their basements or garages to invent products the world wants, needs, and can afford? What would Marx or Engels think of Bill Gates and Microsoft?

If they were alive today, would they admit how wrong they were? Or, would they advocate the destruction of Microsoft because it conflicted with their view of the world?

Their view of things, living in Europe in the mid-Nineteenth Century, was a simple one: There go “The People”, the “Workers”, plodding off two-by-two or riding “mass” transit, walking into the future where time clocks and lunch whistles are facts of life.

Of course, this worker’s paradise exists nowhere on earth. After the revolution and the murder of millions of Enemies of the People, the workers end up (in theory) owning the means of production while the revolutionaries enjoy the fruit of their labor – just like the former capitalists did. It’s a pig-replaces-farmer scenario where everyone is equal but some (a very tiny few) are more equal than others.

More than likely, SJW’s were indoctrinated in public schools sometime after 1990. Consequently, they know virtually nothing about America’s founders except they were all racist white males with white privilege. SJW’s know everything that is wrong with American because it was drilled into their heads so often that, as Goebbels said, “Tell a lie long enough and people will believe it.”

That the world, right now, as we speak, would be a far different place without the United States of America – where common people have the God-given right to life, liberty, property, and the happiness of pursuing one’s dreams – without the United States of America, we would either be speaking Russian or German, maybe even Japanese, as the people on this continent lived as slaves to serve the empires that ruled the world.

But, God, in His infinite wisdom, saw fit to send men like George Whitefield, John and Charles Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ that caused a “Great Awakening” that served to inspire a group of rich landowners. These men pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to devise a nation ruled by citizens who consented to be governed by a federal structure severely limited in scope and purpose to what was written down on parchment.

Every other question was to be reserved to the States or to the People.

Now, you don’t really think the indoctrinated have any clue that this is so, do you? That they have been lied to and denied information contrary to their programming shouldn’t surprise anyone. You allow people to start asking questions about all the anomalies and contradictions inherent in the religion of naturalism, people might get it in their heads that evolutionary theory they were spoon-fed since grade school might not be real, after all. This might lead them to question other “Truths” like global warming.

No, it’s better to keep them in the dark about all the problems that are too difficult to explain. It’s much easier just to insult people, call them anti-science or paid shills for the oil companies. It’s far easier to create “safe spaces” for them to hide so they never have to hear viewpoints contrary to what they’ve been brainwashed to believe.

Sloganeering. It works.

Which is the reason the Left wishes to cull the English language. If you want to prevent ideas from being spread to the masses – politically incorrect ideas – what better way than to reduce the vocabularies of students until in some easily controllable future idiocracy, people can only walk around spouting monosyllabic soundbites?

And that is what Trump uses. “Crooked Hillary.”

He’s learned how to relate to average people – and to the indoctrinated in a way that leaches through their programmed minds. Which is why Trump will win because even people with the smallest attention spans can understand the simplicity of Trump’s message: Make America Great Again.

A lot of people like SJW’s must be scratching their heads and mumbling, “Again?”

Because for them, America was never great because their minds were so thoroughly scrubbed, they were and perhaps still are incapable of digesting such a concept.


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