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The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous where the two discussed our ongoing difficulties with Russia.

While Stephanopolous worked hard to make the situation seem dire, Haley reassured the former Clinton crony-turned “newsman” that things were proceeding in a normal manner and there was no reason for anyone to be any more concerned than normal.

NIKKI HALEY: I think the Russians are trying to figure out what to do. I don’t think they know what to do with our president. I don’t think they know what to do with the situation. They’ve been isolated when it comes to Syria and they’re trying to figure out what their place in the world is going to be.

And we’ve shaken that. But I think that now, we have to move forward and figure out what can we work with them on and what are we absolutely not going to work with them on?

STEPHANOPOULOS: You’ve said in the past — you actually said it to Martha Raddatz on this program — the president hasn’t told you to stop beating up on Russia.

It doesn’t appear that that’s what the president was doing in his meeting with the foreign minister.

HALEY: Look, his job is to sit there and try and find common ground. That’s what his job is. And I can tell you, there’s no one better to sit down with a foreign leader than the president, because whenever he gets in front of them, things change. Things move. It’s very positive, and he makes a difference in it.

And I think what we’re seeing is that they’re testing each other. Russia is testing us, we’re testing them, it’s part of just, you know, the new president coming in and President Putin having to figure out his place.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The foreign minister appeared so full of himself at that meeting.

Are you worried at all about the message you’ve sent by that — having that meeting right on the heels of the firing of James Comey?

HALEY: No. I mean I think that, you know, Russia is full of themselves. They’ve always been full of themselves. But that’s — it’s more of a facade that they try and show as opposed to anything else.

What we are is serious. And you see us in action, so it’s not in personas. It’s in actions and it’s what we do. And that’s why Russia was left on an island when it came to Syria. Everyone else isolated them with their connection with Assad and Iran.

And I think you’ll continue to see us do that.

Now, there are directions. However, it’s very important we work with Russia on our fight against ISIS.

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