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2017 is going to be the year of the American “truth-seeker.” The internet and social media have been electric over the previous 2 years as the anti-progressivism campaign of President Donald Trump grew to capture the hearts and minds of the American voter. Arguably, social media and the internet decided the 2016 election, and it continues to be the main method of information distribution of current events for people who are awake to the lies of the mainstream media.

Mainstream media outlets have dominated the election cycles with clear biases for decades, however that has all changed and politicians are now able to speak directly to the people as opposed to having scripted answers on a live television broadcast. The mainstream media, seemingly, has not come to the realization yet that their strangle-hold of broadcasting the lies and disinformation of the political elite has nearly come to an end. Television networks such as CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, NBC, ABC, CBS and many more are still reading from a script and providing paid actors for the American people to get their information from. Even though they are being crushed under the weight of their own disinformation, they still choose to abide by their agenda-riddled scripts.

At some point over the past few years, Americans came to the realization that they can get more accurate information from people hosting YouTube channels in their living room than they can get from their cable provider’s “news” channels. Unfortunately, for the political elite and establishment mainstream media, the more that an individual begins to dig around on the internet and on social media, the more truth they come to find. This includes the truth about what these politicians and news agencies have REALLY been doing over the past few decades and how they pride themselves on misleading the public. Thousands upon thousands of “truth documentaries” exist on the internet providing answers for some of the long-asked questions of the American public.

When President Barrack Hussein Obama was elected, America seemed to take a collective sigh of relief following the known liar Bush administration. Americans bought the lies about “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” mainly because the internet was a new source of information and most Americans were not utilizing it the way they are today. Today, however, anyone in the world can search for “Bush lied about WMDs” and they will find a plethora of information proving that indeed the administration did in fact knowingly lie to the American people. It did not take long, however, for Americans to come to the realization that Obama was himself misleading the American people. He began playing the same tricks and lying to the American people almost immediately. The only real difference between Barrack and George was that one called himself a Progressive Democrat and the other a Republican. But what is in a name…really?

One thing Obama did was repeal the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, more commonly known as the Smith-Mundt Act. Upon repealing this legislation, the Obama administration had basically legalized propaganda and from then on Americans have been bombarded with lies and misinformation to mislead the population.

So, Americans did what they do best…they adapted and overcame. Most Americans knew that their television was lying to them, so they turned to the internet and just kept clicking and clicking. Eventually, the real truth of the current political situation in America became apparent to them and they made the right decision in the 2016 election. Had the election turned out for Hillary Clinton, the future of America would have been far different than it stands to be with the current administration, and not in a way that benefits the American people. The reason Trump won this election is because America became wise to the game which was being played on them. Trump won in such a historical landslide, that their misinformation and lies to the American people were all a waste of their corrupted money. The truth set America free…literally.

Now, we have got establishment politicians and the known-liar mainstream media outlets telling us all that Donald Trump is a criminal and possibly a Russian agent. This is why I make the bold claim that the powers-that-be are oblivious to the transition of information dissemination which has taken place in America. They do not yet seem to realize that their lies can be easily disproven by the American people. Americans are smart enough and now have the resources to instantly check on what the media and politicians are saying. Everything Trump says seems to check-out, while everything the establishment politicians and mainstream media say seems to NOT check-out and have an agenda behind it. Sure, Trump has an agenda; however that agenda is the American people and returning the power to them. Any American protesting Trump and his policies is either totally brainwashed by their television or too lazy to fact-check themselves.

It is clear now to the American people that the establishment and the mainstream “news” do not have their best interest at heart. During his first congressional speech, Trump spoke about all of the good he is going to do for the American-worker, and the establishment remained seated and even booed at times. If you watched this address, it was clear that the President has a plan to jump-start the American economy and provide prosperity to its people. Yet, the Democrats booed this?

In the coming months, it is difficult to say who is going to win this current battle in America; however one thing seems abundantly clear. There is a battle raging at the very highest levels of government in the United States. This may be one of the most important battles in its storied history too, as the outcome will determine the fate of every young American walking our streets. Either the known-liar establishment and mainstream media will win, or the truth will win. I am hedging all of my bets on the truth setting Americans free, while at the same time, putting establishment politicians in prison cells across America. Americans have been talking amongst themselves about removing the corrupt political elite in Washington D.C. for decades, and now they have a real prospect of doing this. The outcome of this battle depends on the American people with a thirst for knowledge and truth, not President Donald Trump. It is the finding and spreading of the truth on social media and the internet which will end the reign of terror by political criminals in the American government. The future of America depends on those who seek and spread the truth.


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