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Trump Recovered, No Replacement Needed

Wake up, there is no time to get a replacement for Trump and Trump made a giant step in repairing the damage from the tape. You can’t neglect the Wikileaks drop. I too hate the crude language, but it is very common in all male setting, unless the setting is also religious. One has lived in a very protected environment if the language is so shocking. This language was usually ended when woman appeared.

There is as much reason for Hillary to drop out as Trump. All of the lies and corruption for the Clintons has been at the expense of the American taxpayer. Do all the lies and cover up before congress now mean nothing?

Do we want to extend the Obama administration?

Who would be the replacement Pence, Walker, Perry, Cruz or someone else? We need a Trump without the woman problem. They have to outside the DC establishment. Executive experience would be a major consideration. They would have to pick qualified people to fill positions where they are weak. The experience of Hillary is worthless.

Jeb Bush is not his dad or brother. Common Core plus other policies with unclear views were enough to defeat him in the primary. He would be considered an insider. He might have been Hillary light. Obama has made a mess of what George W started. Bill Clinton and the intelligence agencies under him lead to 911 and the war in Iraq. The Bushes now just look like poor sports.

John McCain can be respected and honored for his service to the country,, but not the best senator.

In the second debate Trump had many direct hits on Hillary. Trump’s line of attack needs to continue, plus adding issues not covered.


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Degree in Accounting, minor in government. Worked as Property tax Appraiser.

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