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The PULSE of the Nation

On June 12, 2016 the PULSE nightclub of iniquity in Orlando FL was shot-up by a homosexual Muslim terrorist, killing 49 sexually disoriented people, and wounding 53 more.

Just a month later, on July 16, another PULSE event of iniquity, this one titled “Together 2016,” was in progress on the Washington D.C. Capitol mall.  In a probable uncanny coincidence, Together 2016 was organized by a Christian ministry calling itself PULSE.  It was joined by an unfortunate number of other Christian organizations.

Hundreds of thousands of well-meaning mainline denominational Christians, evangelical Christians (who should have known better), Catholics (the event was supported by Pope Francis), and pseudo-Christians (don’t ask me to sort them out) showed up to listen to Christian music, listen to speakers, and to worship Jesus as they saw fit.

The tag for the event was “Reset – A Generation-Defining Moment.”  They may have succeeded; if not in “resetting,” at least in “generation-defining.”

Amidst the glittering Christian rhetoric (the call for racial reconciliation was a highpoint) the terms “righteousness,” “sin,” and “repentance” seemed to have been lost, to be replaced with “love” and “acceptance.”

Unfortunately, much of what the various participating groups were loving and accepting were sin and unrighteousness, such as that at the PULSE in Orlando. Thus to the extent that success was possible, this was indeed a success in the sense of being a “generation-defining moment.”  It was a true reflection of this poor, lost generation.

The moment was way short of a movement. The event was stopped four hours early because of the heat; there were over 400 cases of heatstroke.   I’d like to think that God was observing the proceedings and said “Not in the name of my Son you don’t.”  But you may think as you wish.

In any case, this will be no more than a moment in history because, not being within biblical parameters, it was doomed to failure.  It was little more than an aborted contribution to the hideous end-times one-world universal church prophesied in scripture.

It’s time to heed the words of Jesus concerning the end: “37  … what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!” (Mark 13). For there is much to see.  And the PULSE goes on.

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Brother Bob

Retired economics professor. Born again Christian. Now an OK country boy.

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