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Congress is Ignoring the Will of the People

Members of Congress receive a base salary of $174,000 annually. But many of them do little to justify receiving this generous compensation.

Congresspeople are part a network that is supposed to be dedicated to representing the American people. Unfortunately, the wishes of most Americans are pretty much ignored.

While Americans are taxed to pay for this apparent representation, we are losing good paying jobs, our security, our liberties, and so on.

America – and the World – is caving in around us, while our elected officials concentrate on lower priority issues like climate change. Granted climate change is important, but it is not a high priority issue like: improving America’s sagging economy; getting Americans back to work; real tax-reform that can only be accomplished by implementing the FAIRtax plan.

Our representatives need too wake up and come to the realization that they must actually honor the wishes of the American people.


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Joe O'Hara

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