Being With Those With Whom You Are Comfortable


Regardless of your ethnicity, religion, beliefs and/or economics, there is an obligation or necessity to become part of the society where you live.

There is nothing wrong with being more comfortable with those with similar ethnicity, religion, beliefs or economics.  If you consider yourself African American or Italian American or whatever American, that’s fine as it is a recognition and embracing of  your heritage. Same is true of religion and economics.

If one cannot live in general society and choose to cloister and commune together in their own area, community and not integrate into general society while still taking advantage of what the United States has to offer in the way of expression, freedom and economic benefits, then I have an issue.  I don’t have an issue with whatever group you are comfortable with, but I do with those that absolutely want nothing to do with those around them, except for what they can get from them or the government.

It’s okay to speak another language or two, especially as a part of maintaining your heritage.  And while I don’t have a problem with offering native language help in business, health care and education, English should be the ultimate goal, and eventually make it the official language of the United States as we have no official language at this time.

We are living that great melting pot, the United States if America, one out of many. Tolerance, acceptance and assimilation are all part.  The problem is those that choose not to be a part, but only take, and continue to do nothing except stir the pot.

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Retired in Florida after a career in retail as a buyer, manager and salesman. Enjoyed an early career as a radio announcer and copy writer. I am concerned about the direction of our country.

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