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The Eternal Battle


War, war, and more wars. Battle after battle,

countless lives lost, at immeasurable cost.

Precious blood spilt on ground made hallow by souls gone to glory.

Will there ever be an end to conflicts story?


So many loves have we, of the sacred things that make us free.

The sacred land upon which we stand,

our honor, faith, and hard earned glory.

O so proudly we stand against our foe,

with courage and strength, strike a mighty blow.

We pray for the wisdom with which to fight

against this ancient and evil blight.

With a mentality of progressive thought,

we strike against that which evil has wrought.

Always must we see the price payed to make us free.

Remembering the sacrifice of our loved ones lost,

and with careful measure, honor the tremendous cost.

We know of the things that make us weak, not strong.

Isn’t it time to sing a new song?

A song of a new life that frees us from endless strife?

O Lord, guide us to see the things that be,

that we may live with all things… free.

And in all ways…to acknowledge Thee.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by


Author, Poet, Holistic Healing, Empath, White Light Reiki Master. love camping, archery, fencing, proficient marksman and love learning new things.

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