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World War III Appears Imminent in November 2016!

With the Presidential election of Donald Trump, a peace and settledness is upon America not experienced for years.
Are the New World Order globalists readily acquiescing to a peaceful transition of power, from Obama to Trump?
One credible Swiss whistle blower, a professional journalist, reveals the CIA is the Achilles heel in this transition to power. Indeed, the cause for an Obama-declared Martial Law may occur in the next several days!  David Chase Taylor courageously warns:

CANADIAN TERROR ALERT (NOV 9, 2016): CIA Likely Plotting Terror Attacks and/or Full-Scale ISIS/Pirate/Terrorist Invasion of Canada this November 9-16, 2016!

RUSSIAN ATTACK/INVASION ALERT (NOV 9, 2016): CIA Likely Plotting Russian-Based Attack and/or Invasion of US and/or Canada this November 9-16, 2016—Russian Attack on Canada via Arctic May Conclude with Nuclear Detonation in Montreal and/or Toronto!

Concerning these two alerts, researcher Dan Bowler warned in 1999 Russia would invade Canada and travel as far as Iowa. During this same period, a priority in FBI training was to show as primary the EMP scenario of Russia from north of Alaska into the USA.

But there is more! Which indicates if WWIII is about to break out, the NDP puppet masters over both Hillary and Obama are the source of war activation who are relocating now in the southern hemisphere.

RED DAWN: CHINESE ATTACK/INVASION ALERT (NOV 9, 2016): Pearl Harbor-Like Chinese Attack/Invasion of Canada Likely Planned this November 9-16, 2016—Made-For-TV Chinese Aerial, Cyber, Drone, Nuclear, Missile and/or Naval Attack Expected, Possibly During Redux of US Satellite Attack Drill ‘Schriever Wargame 2016’

RED ALERT: PAKISTAN-INDIAN WAR IMMINENT (NOV 9, 2016): CIA Plotting Follow-Up Palistani Attack on India this November 9-16, 2016, Possibly Nuclear in Nature—Deadly Pakistani Attack on Indian Army in Kashmir on September 18th Designed to Spark Nuclear War Berween India & Pakistan, Possibly via Hijacked Flight MH370 and/or Missing Indian Air Force Antonov AN-32

PAKISTANI TERROR ATTACK IMMINENT (NOV 9, 2016): CIA Likely Plotting Pakistani-Related Attack this November 9-16, 2016—9/11-Style Nuke Attack on India, Bio-Chemical Attack, Dirty Bomb Attack & Nuclear Terror Attack Most Likely Scenarios

GLOBAL NUCLEAR TERROR ATTACK ALERT (NOV 9, 2016): CIA to Smuggle & Detonate Nuclear Device in Unknown Country this November 9-16, 2016, Possibly via Cargo/Cruise Ship and/or Oil Tanker Emanating from Africa, Middle East and/or South Asia—Will Likely Blame Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, Al Shabbab, Boko Haram, China, Hamas, Iran, ISIS, Khorasan Group, North Korea, Pakistan, Quds Force, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somali Pirates, Taliban and/or Turkey

IRANIAN NUCLEAR TERROR ALERT (NOV 9, 2016): CIA Plotting Live Unprecedented Iranian Nuclear Terror Attack on November 10, 2016

Should the above warnings prove credible, it means President Trump and his support of over 200 Generals and Admirals need to prepare NOW! Otherwise, that most unstable American period every four years – Nov-Jan during the presidential-office transition – will be exploited to the max.

Perpetrated by Obama’s own Muslim-sympathizing CIA Head, Wahhabist convert John Brennan, an epic divide-and-conquer scenario between North America and Russia, North America and Iran, North America and China, Pakistan and India, may just be hours away!

This lethal plot would allow for the contrived “Pearl Harbor” scenario needed by Obama to declare Martial Law and stay in power, perhaps for years, as the Black FDR.  And during this period, the NWO de-stabilization process will be greatly – indeed, insanely – intensified! Prepare now and GET THE WORD OUT!


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