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Do you like America?

Well then, take a lot of pictures, because it’s going away, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back.

In two years I will say that election is the most important election of our time as well.  Same for 2022 and beyond.


The United States is in the midst of being overthrown, taken over, destroyed, but because it is happening slowly, over generations, nobody is alarmed by it.  Few people even see it.  People think all the changes are inevitable, or good, or a sign of progress, or just another political disagreement like all the others like in the past, and then, of course, all anybody can and should do about it is to vote.

Not quite.

Our country was founded on the concept of unalienable rights given to us by God, rights that precede and supersede government, rights that the government cannot restrict or take away.  We fought a war to be able to form a government for the purpose of securing those rights.

Living in a country with unalienable human rights requires a high personal moral code.  You can’t give people all kinds of rights to do things without having a kind of people who want to do the right things in the first place.  Freedom, or liberty, gave few and limited powers to the government.  The moral code would ensure that people, in general, would do the right and good thing most of the time.

Our country is in the midst of a fundamental change.  Unalienable rights are not talked about, because that would require a belief in God, and specifically, the Bible and Christianity because no other religion has these unalienable rights or the moral code that supports it.

Now it is commonly accepted that our rights come from the government, and the list of rights keeps growing.  Government-given rights are often in conflict with these unalienable rights, so the government is able now to restrict those unalienable rights.  We have removed the ‘religious’ foundation of our country and replaced it with a secular one, and a secular moral and value code has replaced the original one.

Government-given rights generally involve the government spending massive amounts of money to pay for them, so the government assumes more and more responsibility and must have more and more money to pay for all this.  This is the main reason why our federal government is $21 trillion in debt with no end in sight.  And this is what is pushing our country toward socialism.

Political philosophies go on a continuum.  One end is freedom, as our country had in the beginning.  The other end is totalitarianism, having a strong single leader who may or may not have the semblance of a legislative body.  The one end of freedom has its foundation in Christianity that recognizes these rights as from God.  The other end of the spectrum has its foundation in atheism or Islam.  Communist countries are atheistic, and the government owns just about everything, and Islamic countries are run by the tenets of Islam or Sharia Law.

Countries generally move one way on the continuum, from freedom to totalitarianism.  A fast move usually follows a coup, a military takeover, a revolution, or a civil war.  A slow move is more common in democracies or republics.  Liberty requires a lot of human responsibility.  Human nature is easily moved to take an easier route.

The government learns that it has access to enormous amounts of money that it can spend almost anyway it wants.  It first spends that money on a basic need that people have, and the people soon expect that money all the time.  They have a right to it.  The government soon offers more things to people as rights, that they will gladly pay for to get their vote.  The government gets bigger and requires more of your money to pay for these things.

Here are three quick examples of what this all looks like:

1)         Free speech.

Free speech is no longer free.  The freedom of your speech is now limited by what other people may say or think about it.  Other people now decide how free your speech is.  You can lose your job or your career by just saying one particular word, in any context, or by expressing an opinion that doesn’t align with the new moral code.

The Founders would have rather erred on the side of freedom than have other people determine the limits of your rights.  But, again, the Founders believed in a strong moral code for the people, or any people, who want to live in freedom.  The moral code of our country was the Ten Commandments, Love your neighbor as yourself, and the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  All of these are from the Bible, which the court called supreme ruled after almost 200 years that it is unconstitutional to have that as our moral code, because, well, it’s religious, and we are secular.

Now the supreme moral code is tolerance, equality, fairness, and diversity, all of which requires a vigilant and strong government to oversee and compel everyone’s compliance.  The only part of the code that applies specifically to individuals is tolerance, which can mean as little as just ignoring your neighbors.

2)         Abortion

I’m not talking here about whether abortion is good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral.  I’m talking about the fact that since abortion is now considered a right, everybody has to pay toward it, even if you might believe that abortion is immoral.  The courts have ruled that money is also speech, so the government has turned free speech on its head, forcing people who don’t believe in abortion to say something they don’t want to say.  Secular, government-given rights now take precedence over unalienable rights.

3)         Affordable anything

Everybody wants everything to be affordable.  I certainly do.  But what this really means is that they are subsidized.  Whether it is housing, medical care, a college education, and the list will grow, the emphasis is not on how to bring down the true cost of anything, but how to get everybody else to help pay for it.

Since our government has shifted to making more things a right, it is spending way more money than they get in from taxes.  The options are to raise taxes as much as they safely can or just keep borrowing the money, paying the interest on it, printing more money that devalues the money already out there, and just change the subject.

In most elections in our country, and certainly all national elections, we essentially have two choices, either of the two major political parties.  One party is totally committed to this new version of the United States.  The other party is a mixed bag because when you have a two-party system, you force everyone to associate more or less with one or the other.

Now, more than at any time in our history, and I wouldn’t expect this to change anytime soon, when you have only two people to choose from, the party has become more important than the individual.  The direction of the party will determine more than anyone elected person, except the President, of course, what direction our country is going.

As I have mentioned, the political changes in our country are gradual.  But there are essentially two different, in fact opposite, directions, in which our country can go.  This is why our country is more divided today than at any other time in our history.  This division will only increase in the future as any change in one direction is a move back from the other direction.  It’s like a tug-a-war.  If you’re losing, you only pull harder.

The only way out of this division is to have a public discussion of the origin of our country by the right people.  Those who seek to reinvent our country aren’t ignoring our founding; they just set it aside, because they found a way of understanding and explaining it that most people wouldn’t know what to say to answer them.  But then they would still prefer not to have that discussion in the first place.

We aren’t teaching this any of this to our children in our schools, and we certainly aren’t teaching it to the millions of people who keep moving here.  That alone favors the side that is trying to reinvent our country because all these other people don’t even know the original ideas that started our country.

And who’s going to tell them?

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