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I think it is time to forget about Politics. I am finding it too stressful. The anger is changing my everyday. Too many questions in my mind are unanswered.

Why our Representatives in the Government (those we voted in and are supporting with our taxes) do not do as we wish? Our generosity has given them a very lush life. And yet they lie to us, make deals behind our backs, befriend each other privately, and bash each other publicly when it is expedient to their personal agenda.

Are they as mentally unstable as they appear? Have they lost all sense of reality? Do they honestly believe we are so stupid as to believe them? If we don’t believe them, why then do we vote them in office?

They don’t want to protect or defend our Country with a secure Border; and yet they gave millions to Jordan to build a border wall. Just a short while back (approx. 2006) they agreed to millions for a border defense barrier on our South Border; at a time when the President was of the same Political Party as they.

They have walls around their houses. They have personal guards with them most of the time. And they frequent such places that also have protection for them when they relax, eat out, or vacation.

How stupid and asinine are we? Why do we vote a Party Line? Why do we not vote our conscience? What are we afraid of?

I hope it is not our President. I voted for him because I did not like any of the other choices. I guess you could say the lesser of all evils.

But I have been pleasantly surprised. The ‘lesser of all evils’ has proven to be a “God-send” to this Nation. He has kept a vast amount of promises made during his campaign. He has vastly improved our Economy. His policies have improved the lives of many Americans. How can you go against that?

So, he is not a polished smooth-talking guy. So what. Take a walk back through History and see what the so-called “classy” Presidents have gotten this Nation into. Take a walk back through History and see what many of our so-called Representatives have voted for or against. Follow their speeches, re-read their campaign promises; and then see what they did once in office.

If you want a real eye-opener, follow the Clintons from Arkansas to Washington D.C. Better yet, follow Hillary from her college days to Arkansas, then to Wash.

She does not hate men. She is only very angry and emotionally distraught at what she perceives to be Male dominance. Having lost many positions in College elections to the opposite sex; I believe she has developed a form of Paranoia against her Male counterparts. I fear she has allowed it to fester within her mind, and now it has taken over her entire life. Was this the catalyst that drove her to the radical that men still treat women as second class citizens. I can’t buy into that. Men do still treat women as the “weaker sex”, I grant you that, and I feel that many women are misinterpreting the actions as anti-female. And we may have many Women who enjoy this attitude from the Males in Society. It’s all part of the “Human thing”.

Did you know, or have you forgotten, that Mr. Comey (previous FBI Dir.) was the lead prosecutor in the infamous “White-Water” scandal? That is the very event where most, if not all, involved in that debacle went to prison, except Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Has anyone noticed how they all seem to be friends; co-workers at one time or another, even back each other up when it is convenient for their agenda? But when the chips are down, they turn on each other to protect their own public persona.

Who-ever is backing the Liberal Democratic Progressive movement, has a powerful influence, or maybe a terrific future promise, or just a valid scare-tactic to push these people in the direction they are traveling.

I will not fear the time that is written on the wall. We may welcome it. That being the time when true, stable, hard-working American Patriots, stand up to the weak, selfish, lost individuals that at this time are creating a disruption in our Republic. Stand up to the people in our Nation that have reached unheard of wealth. Who now seek the power that goes with their status in the Community; I speak of the many men and women in the upper, upper class. Those who have achieved the Million, or Billion dollar plateau in their wealth.

One must believe they are bored. Achieving control over the World, or over their corner of the World, would be a new challenge for them. A highlight that would keep their minds active and blood flowing.

If we do not stop this, we will fall back to the Rule of a King. Although now it would be a Dictator. Perhaps that is what we need for a while. Someone to take control of the Government put it back on the right track. I would call this person a “soft Dictator”. A strong leader, with good instincts; one that will be compassionate, able to make the tough decisions, and all the while caring about the citizenry. Allowing the rights and freedoms, and Liberties to still rule us; respect and live under our Laws. And see to our protection and our health.

We all know that the Politicians (mostly the Democratic Liberals) want to take away our guns. That is to protect themselves. You know that. They fear an insurgency. Well, if they keep up with their current agenda, they just may have one.

So, be alert Patriots. If you want to follow a Party; follow each other. Get these self-appointed Elites out of office.  Bring back the likes of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Truman, Reagan, et al.

Trump, in the beginning, referred to his popularity as ‘the movement.’ He may have been right. You may not be totally behind his attitude or actions, but you must realize he is doing what seems to be best for our Nation.

The man has shown a very deep and sincere compassion. He is a Father, a Grandfather; and those who know him personally have only praise for him and his persona. Yes, he is harsh. But a successful Businessman has got to be harsh. While a successful Politician must be placating, soft-spoken, able to agree with whoever is speaking. In short, a phony.

‘nuff said for today.

Think about all this, please.

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