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“US opens first permanent military base in Israel…”

September 2017: Israel and U.S. inaugurated the first permanent American military base in the country, which will house dozens of U.S. troops and a missile defense system. The base will be located within the Israel Defense Forces Air Defense School in southern Israel, near Beersheba, Defense News reported.

The facility will include a barracks and several other buildings for U.S. troops to be stationed in the country, as well as systems to identify and intercept various aerial threats. It will operate under Israeli military directives.

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Israeli Air Force Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich said the base is largely to serve as “a joint Israeli and American effort to sustain and enhance our defensive capabilities,” and will not bring operational changes such as training or exercises.

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“It’s a message that says Israel is better prepared. It’s a message that says Israel is improving the response to threats,” Haimovich, the commander of Israel’s aerial defense, told The Associated Press.

September 18, 2017: The IDF announced a key development in Israel-US relations: a permanent US Military facility on Israeli soil, located within an Israeli Air Force (IAF) base in southern Israel. “We’ve established, for the first time in the State of Israel, the IDF, a permanent US Military facility, flying the American flag,” says Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich, commander of the IAF’s Aerial Defense Division.

The United States and Israel have a long history of close military cooperation, but much of it remains secretive or under-publicized in nature. Now, however, the U.S. military has officially acknowledged this permanent base of sorts, a possible signal of an expanding air and missile defense partnership as U.S.

The southern-Israel facility, located within the IAF’s School of Aerial Defense, will house dozens of American soldiers, permanently stationed in Israel as part of a task force. While America enhances security for Israel, what is Israel doing to enhance security for these US troops?

Americans give to Israel this partial checklist:

* Israel is to keep American troops in southern Israel from exploitation by Israel’s criminal element, largely based in southern Israel. The world’s top porn billionaires, based in southern Israel, are only part of the problem. Early October, 2015, on impulse, Israeli police arrested 28 known criminals based in southern Israel, the tip of the iceberg.

* For many years, Jewish Agency chairman Natan Scharansky has embittered local Israelis for his handling of Russian immigration into Israel. “They take many of our jobs. After one year, they are allowed to immigrate to America,” revealed a tour guide. In view of the massive Russian build up into Syria – including 400 Russian troops per transport plane – Scharansky’s past, present and future immigration activities into Russia must be more closely scrutinized. Unvetted Russians Scharansky allows in can be even more lethal to US troops than those escalating in Syria.

* M.M. Scherbatov wrote On the Corruption of Morals in Russia (Cambridge University Press). Russian moral corruption is too heavily transferred into Israel. Russian mafia abounds. But not merely Russian. When asking a local Israeli if the Mafia were responsible for a car bombing the night before, they will ask, “Which Mafia?” Italian and other mafias join the Russian mafia in exploiting US troops. And New Age psychotechnologies such as G.I. Gurdjieff ceaselessly seek victims in Israel to exploit.

* Israel must take all measures to prevent another US troop-destroying Beirut bombing! The 1983 Beirut barracks bombings were attacks during the Lebanese Civil War. Two truck bombs struck separate buildings specifically against United States and French service members, killing 241 U.S. Immediate measures must be in place to prevent this! What happened under President Reagan must not happen under President Trump.

* Finally, what are Israel’s responsibilities to America in this “partnership.” Millions of Christian Americans who pay this bill, in good faith, do not want to see more chapters added to Paul Findley’s book, Deliberate Deceptions. American Christians will give maximum support to the return and protection of Israel’s lost ten tribes and deceptions are clearly not needed. It is prophesied the House of Israel will at one point keep America from going under. The Divine decree is that Rothschild and Soros will not succeed in their attempts to make America one more NWO colony!  It is in Israel’s best interests to side with God and not with Rothschild, Soros and Kissinger.

Summarily, are American troops to be in southern Israel? Despite all the dangers, the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” It is clearly an exciting fulfillment of Second Esdras 11 and 12! Ezekiel’s vision speaks of a country that is symbolized by an eagle. Ezra received more information on Daniel’s prophesied events that will happen in our day. While some scholars see Ezra’s eagle as ancient Rome, it is obvious the eagle is a symbol of America.  American Christians are proud that US troops in Israel are fulfilling prophecy!

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