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Americans want law and order, criminals and corrupt government want chaos.

Today is the day when we find out if the people’s choice wins in a landslide or if crime pays.  This election has been portrayed as many things;

  • Republicans vs. Democrats
  • conservatism vs. liberalism
  • rich vs. poor
  • white vs. black
  • privileged vs. underprivileged
  • capitalists vs. socialists
  • patriots vs. foreigners
  • right vs. left
  • Americanism vs. Globalism
  • unity vs. multiculturalism
  • truth vs. lies
  • facts vs. slanders

It’s about all those things and none of those things.  It’s about having a nation of law and order whose citizens or having a nation of crime and corruption in which the government prospers and people become outlaws to prosper against tyranny.  It’s about living the American Dream or leeching off of it.  It’s about righteousness versus those who would take from them by hook or by crook.

Voter fraud thy name is Democrat

Democrats represent the crime and corruption side by their actions.  They endorse illegal immigrants stealing into the country, stealing jobs, taking money out of America, and giving them the voter’s rights of citizens.  Obama said if an illegal alien votes then that makes him a citizen.  The Democrat governor of Virginia pardoned every felon in the state to add to the voter fraud.  People who commit felonies lose their right to vote because they took away the rights of others and voter fraud is a felony.  This is another Democrat effort to take away the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Not only do Democrats endorse illegals stealing from American citizens, they endorse criminals stealing from and terrorizing the good people.  Black Lives Matter is not a movement to stop racism, which doesn’t exist on the scale they claim, it’s a movement to stop police and citizens from shooting criminals in self-defense.  It’s about freeing criminals to run the inner cities rather than going to school, getting an education, and getting a job.  They are fighting for the right to rape, rob, and kill without consequence.  The war on crime is a war for a reason.  When you attack someone and are in combat, just because you run out of ammo or are outgunned doesn’t mean you can just throw down your gun after killing people, say I surrender, and those you were just trying to kill be required to give you mercy.  The Left has been granting criminals immunity from prosecution for their crimes and persecuting law enforcement for decades.  They don’t just give the criminals immunity, they elect them to control the government!  To make matter worse, Democrats are importing our enemies to live among us, threaten and terrorize us, and take control of the masses through the most vile, socialist, fanatical ideology in history while we are at war with it – Sharia Islam.

This is not a vote about stopping racism, sexism, or stealing from the poor.  If you’re voting for Democrats then you are selecting to steal wealth away from Americans who work for a living and re-distribute it to those who vote for a living.  That is not what America is about.  American exceptionalism is being free from this kind of tyranny.  It’s not a vote between those who have and those who do not, those who are privileged and those who are not.  It’s between tax payers and tax parasites and the fools who side with them.  Americans are caught between a rock and a hard place.  You can’t stop people from growing up to become criminals, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them run the show.  If criminals are the hard place and government is the rock then it’s time to break the rock.

America will either go out with a whimper or be reborn!


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