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One major campaign promise by Obama in 2008 was health insurance coverage for every American. On assumption of office in 2009 Obama neglected almost every other agenda in order to promote what is now called Obamacare. As detail became public, opposition became louder. To avoid a defeat of the legislation Obama, with the help of Pelosi and Reid, put a lot of pressure on every House and Senate Democrat. Despite its unpopularity, the Democrats, with some parliamentary maneuver, delivered a block vote to pass the Obamacare into law. Pelosi demanded that it be passed to find out what was in it.

Many Democrats took a risk to pass the historic legislation. Many suffered anticipated defeat as a result. Those Democrats should be given a lot of credit for courage and for unselfishness. Many who lost the 2010 midterm election knew that casting the vote for Obamacare was the end of their political career. Yet, they did it for various reasons: conviction, peer pressure, blackmail, statesmanship or perpetuity. Make your pick.

Many people in the country believed that the 2010 midterm election was a referendum on Obamacare. Even the president did not trumpet that legislative success. Opponents running for office (Mainstream Republicans and Tea Partiers) promised to defund Obamacare at the least, if and when they got elected. When the House changed hand and John Boehner became the Speaker, voters expected the defunding of Obamacare. After all, it is so unpopular, so nobody would miss it. Unlike the Democrats however, the Republican did not coalesce to bring about that promise. They had the chance during the budget debate, but were too afraid of being blamed by opponents for shutting down the government. So, they vacillated.

Then came 2012 Election cycle. The Republican leaders ran around that if only they had the Senate in addition to the House, then they would be strong enough to bring about some changes, including reducing national debt and curbing Obama’s presidential overreach. A gullible electorate went ahead and granted them that too, but nothing happened. They continued to capitulate as usual. They passed some useless resolutions just to let us think that they had good intention. They demanded that they would be able to do everything we wanted if only we could deliver the White house to them in addition to the other two. After all, they argued, the Democrats forced Obamacare down everybody’s throat, because they controlled all the three branches. Most of us felt that the Republican leaders meant it and we should do just that.

As the process began toward the 2016 Election cycle, the Republican leaders show their true color. There were many attempts to force feed us with some lame candidates they could manipulate and mold to their likeness. First it was Jeb Bush with a large war chest at the beginning of the primaries- it failed. Then they jumped to Chris Christie, then to Marco Rubio. Finally, they sponsored Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Out of desperation they even tried to back their original nemesis, Ted Cruz, all in an attempt to deny the rank-in-file popularly chosen Donald Trump, all to no avail. We now witness many that had enjoyed support of ordinary Republican voter even at a hopeless time, now openly trying to derail Trump’s candidacy. The most recognized include the Bush dynasty, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Many wonder why Trump is so successful. A lot of reasons had been given, but one big reason was the fact that Trump is not afraid to ditch it out to anyone in return. We witnessed how John McCain subjugated himself to Obama in 2008 just to be a nice old white man who had no racist bone in him, while Obama ditch it out to him. We witnessed how Mitt Romney lost a clearly winnable election in 2012 for whatever his reason. We witness how the Republican establishment submits and cowed even though they have the power of the pulse they could have used, but afraid to offend a “Black” president and electorate. Then comes Donald Trump who is serious about winning come November and people flocked to him. An average Republican voter realize that if the Republican establishment is afraid to counter Obama because of his race, then they will just be afraid of any other Democrat in the White House, be it a black, a woman, a Hispanic, an Asian, or a Native American. There will always be a ‘because’.

The Democrats were not afraid of opposition’s opinions. They did what they had to do. Did that tell us something about our Republican Establishment representatives? Go figure!


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