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I listen to the media twist the statements made by Trump or they come out and lie about what he says and people who don’t actually listen to a Trump rally and what he has to say, believes their garbage. Everyone is more concerned about listening to the garbage from the mouths of the MSM, then listening to the truth. Clinton and her group will STOOP at nothing to trash him and discredit him in the face of the people.

Clinton trashed him for calling Miss Universe “Miss Piggy”, but did she show the video of the news conference he gave where he DEFENDED Miss Universe to the press about her weight. He hired a trainer to help her lose the weight she gained so she would NOT lose her title. He did NOT have to do that. He could have let her lose it and give the title to someone else, but he didn’t do that. Clinton and the news media ONLY show part of the story, because she knows she will hurt him in the eyes of the people. This is very wrong. If you are interested in seeing the news briefing where he defended her, you can see it at:

Same thing when the media trashed Trump calling him a racist because he wants to stop ILLEGAL immigration and deport anyone who is here ILLEGALLY. This has NOTHING to do with racism at all. It has to do with breaking our laws and entering this country illegally. We spend BILLIONS of our tax dollars EVERY month to support people who are here ILLEGALLY.. The more illegals that enter this country and we pay for their medical, schooling, etc.. the more of our tax dollars are drained. Not only the tax dollars, but they also are using our resources. I’m betting ANYONE out there would call the police if someone broke into their homes and made themselves at home. This country is OUR home and they broke into it ILLEGALLY. I have to ask, WHAT part of illegal do people NOT understand? I am not against anyone who wants to come here to live and work and some day become a citizen of this country. My ancestors came legally, learned the language, worked hard and eventually became a legal citizen of this country. WHY does our government want to just hand out citizenship like it was candy and NOT make these people come legally and work for it? Our government has taken our citizenship and made it so it has NO meaning, NO value anymore. Think about it. When an illegal enters this country and we hand them more and more of our rights and benefits, WHY bother obeying the laws and working hard to become a citizen, when they are handed it without being a citizen. When illegals enter this country illegally, the citizens pay the price for it in more ways then one. The loss of our tax dollars to support them, the use of our resources, job losses because employers want that cheap labor so will hire them in place of the American citizen, and in criminal activities that affect many American citizen. Think about this one also. Many of these illegals who are working, get paid UNDER the table so they do not pay taxes.. then while WE pay for their medical, etc, THEY send their money back to their country (mostly Mexico). How is that fair to the citizens?

As for his taxes, they now have people trashing him because he claimed a loss on his 1995 taxes which they ILLEGALLY obtained. He did NOTHING wrong in filing that loss. EVERY businessman who has had a loss in their businesses have filed their losses on their taxes. EVERY American has the right to claim certain losses on their taxes and many American’s do. I myself, had a small loss one year that I claimed on my taxes. Of course, I am not rich, so my loss was a mere drop in the bucket compared to what Mr. Trump claimed. But YOU as an American tax payer has the right to claim certain losses on your tax returns. Because he had a loss does NOT make him a bad businessman. Businesses suffer at times through the years. It happens. In real estate, in stocks, and other areas, it happens. But to come down on Trump because he filed that loss is wrong.

I for one, don’t care about his taxes. I care about what he will do for this country and how he will work FOR the citizens to make this country better for EVERY American citizen, no matter what the color of their skin is or their nationality.

Trump wants to lower the taxes of EVERY American citizen. He wants to lower the tax rate and fix the regulations that are hurting businesses so they can grow and are able to hire more people. Clinton wants to raise the taxes on everyone and the businesses. She will hit the pockets of all of us, making it much harder for people to live on their paychecks. Trump wants to stop illegal immigration and make anyone who comes here, do it Legally. He wants all the illegals to go back where they came from and re-enter the country legally and follow the laws. Clinton wants to leave the borders open and allow anyone that wants to enter, can do so, unstopped and she wants to just hand the millions who are here, amnesty and citizenship which is a huge slap in the face to all those immigrants who came here legally and have been working hard to become a citizen. She places NO value on our citizenship.. just hands them out like candy. Trump wants to put a TEMPORARY ban on anyone from countries of terrorism until such time we can review our vetting system and make it better. He is concerned for the welfare and safety of the country and the citizens and wants to put us FIRST. Clinton wants to bring in a million refugees during her term IF elected to the white house. She has NO concern for the welfare and safety of this country and the citizens. These million refugees along with all the illegals who will come, will be draining more from our tax dollars. The citizens will have the burden of supporting them. Trump wants to fix our healthcare and abolish Obamacare that is hurting the American families who struggle to meet the high cost of rising deductibles, premiums and their co-pays. He wants to allow insurance companies to sell across state lines. He is for HSA. Clinton wants to expand Obamacare and enroll illegals who will end up being subsidized by the American Taxpayers. Another burden that the taxpayer will face. He wants to fix the VA and help our vets who are suffering. Trump wants to try and help bring back jobs to the country and hopefully prevent them from leaving. He is concerned about the high unemployment among the black communities and others.. Clinton will put business out of business and cause more job losses for Americans. For one, she wants to shut down the coal industry. Trump wants to work with them and keep the jobs for Americans. Trump wants to put the education into the hands of the states and abolish common core. Clinton wants to leave it as it is under the hands of the Federal Government who threatens schools that they will lose their funding if they DO NOT allow boys who THINK they are girls to use the girls bathroom. Our government has resorted to blackmail to get what they want. Clinton will be more of the same as Obama.

Trump is not perfect, but Clinton seems to think she is. She feels she is above the law. She lies to the FBI and the American citizens. Trump is harsh in his words at times.. He is not a politician who polishes he speech. He says what is on his mind and how he feels. He is NOT perfect, but he LOVES this country and wants to do what he can to help this country get back on the right path. Clinton has failed to do her job when she was secretary of state.. she allowed 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and then has the nerve to say “What difference does it make”. She lied to their families about what happened. She carelessly sent and received classified information on her server and used multiple devices and lied about it all to the American people.. do you REALLY want to trust her with the country’s classified information and our lives? Trump is not perfect, but I trust him to do what is right for this country much more than Clinton. Many people have met with Trump and they have come out of those meetings with positive feelings about him. He is a professional businessman and conducts himself as professional in those meetings. He would not have such a successful business if he wasn’t successful.

Obama promised so much to the inner cities and minorities.. to make it better for them, to create jobs and help them. He has not done what he promised.. He has done more to divide this country and set racism back many years. He has torn up what this country has achieved over the years. Clinton will follow in his footsteps and continue his policies that have failed them. Listen to this lawyer from Chicago:

Everyone should stop listening to the lies of the media, who at this point, all seem to be pushing for Clinton to be in the white house. You need to be looking at their policies and deciding who’s policies will help this country. This is YOUR future.. the future of OUR country. Whose hands do you want it and us in?


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