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General Michael Flynn served honorably in the U.S. Army rising to become a 3-star general and head the Defense Intelligence Agency. Unfortunately for Flynn, he found the sewer that is DC to his liking – where it’s seemingly okay to be hired by foreign governments who seek to alter U.S. policy.

Yet despite its questionable ethics, what Flynn did for Turkey isn’t illegal.

Instead, Flynn’s major mistake was naively supporting Donald J. Trump’s campaign for President. This was tantamount to painting a target on his own back in the waning days of the corrupt Obama Administration.

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Indeed, Flynn’s name was “unmasked” by Obama’s officials for arranging a (legal) meeting with the United Arab Emirate’s Crown Prince. Even before Trump took office, deep state players began leaking information to their many panting sycophants in the media — all aimed at hurting Trump appointees, often by nothing more than innuendo. This behavior was cheered by the mainstream media as a whole because it targeted Trump – they never would have encouraged such behavior had it been aimed at Obama or Hillary.

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The circumstances under which Flynn “lied” to VP Mike Pence remain unclear. Regardless, for this Flynn was fired by Trump and Flynn’s downward spiral began. Flynn was quick to find out that once one is the target of a special investigation – unless one is quite wealthy – the costs of defending oneself are staggering.  Flynn soon realized that he faced millions of dollars in additional legal fees in the Mueller investigation (something AG Jeff Sessions never should have let happen) so Flynn copped a plea to lying to the FBI – regarding a trivial and legal activity in a FBI interview in which Flynn foolishly didn’t have an attorney at his side. Is Mueller abusing the legal process? Not technically – but knowing that being targeted by Mueller means millions in legal fees or bankruptcy, the answer is a clear yes.

The problems for Flynn going forward are many. He owes his attorneys a lot of money. Now that he’s a “convicted felon” (lesson – never, ever talk to the FBI without an attorney at your side), Flynn will lose his fairly substantial (and well-earned) military pension. Flynn will come out of this a pauper – a pauper who served his country for a lifetime, got in over his head in the DC sewer and is now somehow a villain that the deep state is trying to use to do its dirty work – namely unseating a U.S. president. Is this a message we want sent to others — no matter what their political leanings — who may seek to serve in the future?  Is criminalization of politics what we want in America?

Trump should quickly pardon Flynn and find ways to indemnify Trump supporters against the de facto abuse of process that is the Mueller investigation. Jeff Sessions ought to fire Mueller the same day – and then resign himself the next morning. (Sessions never should have recused himself from the “Russian collusion” investigation – an action that led to Mueller’s appointment.) Trump can then appoint another AG – hopefully a more energetic and more media-savvy player who is more motivated to fix the deep state sewer that the U.S. Department of Justice has become over the past fifty years.

Would the Democrats go crazy? Sure, but who cares? Like they said eight years ago regarding Obama’s missing birth certificate, it’s time to get this matter behind us. Plus, it’s clear that the deep state and the mainstream media will never accept the fact that career-long, influence-peddler Hillary Clinton isn’t our president. Trump can count on every issue, big or small, being made big as means to oppose Trump. Indeed, the whole deep state cabal will never tolerate the fact that we now have a president who knows that government and mainstream media exist in large part to serve themselves.

It’s time for Trump to play hardball and deal with this nonsense – and to do it now, rather than let the distractions continue. Indeed, a joint Christmas Eve announcement by Trump and Sessions that pardons Flynn and fires Mueller would be two great gifts to our nation.

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Michael P. Rethman

Scientist, dentist, university faculty, former city council chair.


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