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By now anyone who has an internet connection has heard of Candice Owens the once leftist Democrat banner bearer turned conservative pundit. If you don’t have an internet connection you’ve seen her on T.V. Candice Owens isn’t the only Black female pundit for conservatism online there are several who have made their mark through blogging and video creation and one of them has been highly critical of Miss Red Pill Black since she became a turncoat against the Democrats.

Tree of Logic is a former police officer/military who has very strong conservative views. She has her own website and makes videos for youtube and BitChute. From the beginning of Miss Owens transformation “Tree” has been calling her out as a phony whose only real agenda is her own fame and fortune. Tree points out that Owens ran a anti conservative doxxing platform and did not immediately, or even in a timely basis for that matter, close that site even after her transformation.

Tree isn’t the only one who might have an issue with Owens. Without naming her directly Yahoo conservative transsexual sensation Blaire White seemed to infer in one of her/his videos that some on the right don’t believe the B.S. they preach. This was not long after her interview on The Rubin Report with Owens.

The rapid rise of Candice Owens within the conservative movement rivaling even Diamond & Silk clearly shows a young lady with incredible drive and ambition this cannot be dismissed. It is also true that the older people get the more conservative they tend to become as they acquire adult life experiences. So what is the truth here? Does Candice Owens really believe the words that comes out of her own mouth or is it all just a Punch and Judy Show for fame and fortune? It’s probably a bit of both.

If you listen to Candice Owens speak most often her opinions are pretty well thought out and make sense. Surely if you say anything enough you’ll tend to believe what you are saying my ex wife used to call it “convincing herself” of a lie until she believes it. Yeah she was a bit missed up in the head that’s why she’s my ex.

What did the Democrats ever do for Miss Owens? As far as I can tell she busted her but for them like she is doing for us now. All that work for no reward will wear anyone down. When she transformed herself in RedPillBlack on YouTube people actually started paying attention to her. She has clearly done her research and continues to do her research as her quick responses to seasoned politicians clearly demonstrate. For whatever reason, be it principles or fame and fortune I’m glad we stole her from the left. Whether she sincerely believes the things she says or not she gets others to believe them which is a lot better than being a true believer and never leaving your house.

As for Tree it seems to me that she saw the writing on the wall very early on. Tree knows the power of females as she often displays her ample cleavage in her videos. Yeah she’s stacked and isn’t shy about showing the puppies off. There has got to be a lot of jealousy going on there as Tree has worked so hard to get to where she is and Candice…..well she’s an attractive young lady who is extremely articulate and knows how to manipulate situation and create situations that benefit her. Heck I’m jealous too.

Both of these strong Black women are critical elements of our revolution but it serves no one but the communists when we fight amongst ourselves. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible because the acquisition of knowledge is what brings people to conservatism. The lesson to be learned here is, if you want to reach as many people as possible you have to master that craft. Candice Owens is a master at reaching people. Tree could use a little refining.

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