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The French government is claiming that the fire in Notre Dome was caused by a construction accident. Of course the mainstream media (MSM) has swallowed this line hook line and sinker because as Jeff Zucker head of CNN told us, newspeople aren’t investigators. Of course they aren’t that has become painfully obvious over the last few years but there are investigative citizen journalists and what they have brought to light exposes the construction accident explanation as unlikely.

First of all the structure was made out of very old wood. It takes a lot to burn such wood as over the decades and centuries it becomes much harder than the pine 2×4’s you’re used to from Home Depot. This was old, solid hardwood oak not pine. The entire structure was also under renovation meaning every possible safety measure imaginable was in place to ensure the safety of the church. To create a fire strong enough to burn seasoned oak especially at the rate the fire engulfed and destroyed the spire would have taken an extreme amount of prolonged heat likely aided by some kind of kindling or chemical.

What if the real reason was the usual suspect Muslim terrorists?

France has a pretty large Muslim population right now and any hint of Muslim terrorism being involved in this ….. the attempted destruction of one of the Wests most treasured structures would undoubtedly result in acts of violence against Muslims in France and likely throughout Europe. Many of the indigenous Europeans are already close to the breaking point due to the Muslim invasion of Europe.

This also isn’t the first time a church has been attacked my Muslim entities either in fact it is a regular occurrence in France now. If in fact the fire was started by Muslim terrorists, what the fire would show is that the French government is totally impotent when it comes to protecting their historical landmarks from Islamic terror. It was after all Notre Dome. What comes next the Eiffel Tower?

We are also left with a big nothing burger. Minutes after the fire began the French government proclaimed that the fire was started due to a construction accident yet still days later the public has been given no details. I worked construction through most of my 20’s so I’d be very curious as to how the fire got started and how quickly it raged so out of control that it caused the spire to be destroyed.

I’m not saying that the French government is lying but what I am saying is that if the cause was actually Islamic terror, you’d still be hearing the construction accident story.

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