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A top scientist and doctor who was one of the early advocates of transgender medicine now says that they were wrong and that the procedures they have pioneered for gender dysphoria in children is harming kids.

Dr. Susan Bradley, a Canadian psychiatrist and pioneer in child gender dysphoria treatment, has now come out as an opponent of the procedures that the woke left have been forcing on children.

Bradley, who helped pioneer the treatments starting as far back as 1975, now says that prescribing puberty blockers to minors is the wrong approach because most of the kids who feel they have gender dysphoria grow out of the feelings and learn to accept their birth gender.

She now thinks that evidence has shown that puberty blockers are dangerous.

Per the Daily Caller:

“We were wrong,” she said. “They’re not as irreversible as we always thought, and they have longer term effects on kids’ growth and development, including making them sterile and quite a number of things affecting their bone growth.”

While most children who experienced gender dysphoria typically grew out of it and came to accept their bodies and gender prior to the widespread implementation of the “gender affirmation” approach, numerous doctors expressed concerns that puberty blockers made children’s temporary gender confusion permanent by solidifying their sense of actually being the opposite sex, according to The New York Times. The drugs also prevent the surge in bone density that would normally occur during puberty, with some patients experiencing lifelong bone issues. The FDA also identified six cases where there was a “plausible” link between GnRH agonists and a condition called pseudotumor cerebri, which is caused by elevated fluid pressure in the brain.

Bradley told the DCNF her opinions on puberty blockers evolved over time.

“We thought that it was relatively safe, and endocrinologists said they’re reversible, and that we didn’t have to worry about it. I had this skepticism in the back of my mind all the time that maybe we were actually colluding and not helping them. And I think that’s proven correct in that, once these kids get started at any age on puberty blockers, nearly all of them continue to want to go to cross sex hormones,” Bradley said.

Daily Caller noted that up to 87.8 percent of boys, for instance, eventually outgrow their feelings that they want to be a girl. But the puberty blockers harm them physically and make returning to life as a healthy boy nearly impossible.

These procedures are creating tens of thousands of damaged children who are going to grow up regretting their choices and living damaged lives as adults.

The states that are moving to outlaw these procedures for minors are exactly right.

These are mutilations and criminal actions, not medical procedures.

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