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Whether you watch the White House news briefing or flip through the TV news shows, you are subjected to a steady diatribe of so-called reporters trashing President Trump and his supporters.  What is supposedly news programs have degenerated into highly partisan left-wing propaganda, insults and false accusation platforms that are completely devoid of facts.   It’s called “Fake News,” where deliberate efforts are made by reporters to take comments out of context or report phony stories made up in the newsroom and attributed to the famous writer Anonymous.  Most of this Fake News is aimed at Donald Trump and his administration, the more outlandish the better, anything that will eat up news time and misinform the public.

Nothing has to make sense or have any bases in reality before these political activists who mascaraed as reporters begin to dump on the public.  They routinely make a fool of themselves by showing the world that they have no idea of what they are talking about.  One network begins to question the Presidents sanity, then the rest of the networks parrot the same comments followed by the morning gossips shows, all of them acting like Psychologists.

All of these reporters and show hosts have one key feature in common, an unbelievable display of arrogance, no one’s else’s opinion or political beliefs counts.  If you think differently than they do, then you are the enemy and an insane mental defective.  Their interviews of candidates of a party they disagree with is cutthroat and nasty, but the interviews of candidates they agree with are cute and fuzzy with some reporters slobbering all over their favorite.

A phenomenon that has been unique to the Trump Administration where the sheer mention of Trump’s name, can send some people into convulsions, screaming, wailing and mashing of teeth, has been coined as “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” it’s bad enough when the supporters of Hillary Clinton and the Socialist Bernie Sanders flip out anytime someone mentions Donald Trump.  But when the press exhibits the same behavior and joins in with the name calling and accusations, any expectation of credibility of the news reporters is gone.   It has always been understood for decades that many in the press are left-leaning, but most reported the news in a professional manner, those days are gone.  So with exception of a couple national news media outlets, One America News and Fox News, the rest of the news programs have become opinion shows of the absurd.

Their reward for this kind of news programming has been lousy ratings and the loss of viewers and advertisers.

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