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The Principles of Insurrection

While the focus on terrorism has been on Islam, one must not neglect the other component, of equal weight, which is insurrection.

Islamic insurrection involves illegal Muslims in America, as well as those here one or two generations, the latter somehow allowed in but not properly vetted.

The New World Order supports Islamic legals and illegals as a proxy to de-stabilize and de-nationalize. And while some of the NWO ilk would like to see them become “moderate” Muslims or “progressive” Muslims, this is basically to disarm indigenous American citizenry, and is a superficial panacea for Islamophobia.

But there is no Koran I and Koran II, as Paul Joseph Watson has pointed out. For all Muslims, the Koran is the Koran. The Koran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Understand this is done through both Islamic and insurrectionist beliefs. Comprehend what the insurrectionist side of Muslim legals and illegals consists:

Insurrectionists believe they are to create territories. To multiply zones of opacity. Islamic insurrectionists multiply no-go zones.

Needless to say, the Supreme Islamic territory is now the White House. Controlled by Turkish Muslim billionaire Fethullah Gulen and Islam-funding Soros. Obama and his White House Islamic staffers want their gains irreversible. This will be the real reason for an Obama-declared Martial Law!

The goal of any insurrection is to become irreversible.

In the case of Islam, the insurrection is irreversible when Constitutional authority and the Republic are defeated! When Islam has defeated this authority, property, and the taste for appropriation, hegemony and the desire for hegemony. History will ultimately see the Executive Orders and presidential decision directives were to aid the Islamic insurrection in America!

Depose authorities on a local level.

Today it is possible to take over Sweden, Belgium, Germany, London, Paris, Rome, or Washington DC, without it being a “decisive victory.” But until decisive victory is achieved, conflict for Islamic objectives will continue. On a local level, for example, nationalist mayors are deposed and Islamic mayors now reign in London and Calgary. A Muslim is now a complicit member in Federal reserve racketeering.

An insurrection declares war on the Republic.

Islam takes up arms. There is no such thing as a peaceful insurrection. Weapons are necessary. An insurrection is more about taking up arms and maintaining an “armed presence” than it is about armed struggle. Marxist gun control, destroying the Second Amendment, insures there will be no resistance to the Islamic insurrection of America.

Insurrectionist principle: Don’t back away from what is political in friendship.

Should Obama and Muslim White House staffers be forced to leave, Huma Abedin, the new first lady of the White House, will become a proud symbol and figurehead of the Islamic insurrection (should Donald Trump be cheated in the rigged Presidential election), as Hillary opens wide the Muslim “refugee” floodgates!

Insurrectionism: Liberate territory from police occupation. If possible, avoid direct confrontation.

To replace American police with Sharia police in no-go zones is the agenda. Meanwhile, multiculturalism and political correctness give open doors to male and female local law enforcement and security agencies, as well as to the head of Homeland Security “pledged to defend Islam from Americans.”

Insurrectionists organize self-defense.

Muslims know they live under a weakening American police occupation. Undocumented Muslim “refugees” rounded up is offensive to them, as the goals of any insurrection are irreversible. What Islam calls “self defense” is actually a cold defiance of the Constitution. The head of Homeland Security leads the way with his “pledge to defend Islam from Americans” in the Islamic insurrection.

Obama is an Indonesian Marxist Muslim. In part, this means he will implement the Marxist incrementalism of Gramsci – with the importation of Muslim illegals, with tolerating 60 Islamic training centers in America, to achieve his Muslim insurrection and domination of America.

Through the Islamic insurrection, the White House may soon become a UNESCO World Heritage site, but it will be followed by a trespassing Islamic citadel overshadowing the White House. In the geopolitical endgame, the NWO is using Islam as a proxy, while Islam is using the NWO.

The Islamic civilization, through insurrection, is ready to rule, take possession of, and colonize the most banal, personal, daily existence of Americans. In America, Islamic civilization strives to be inseparable from the state. The constricted society of Islam seeks to overcome the Freedom of Constitutional America!

Islamic insurrection in America is underway, against the majestic authority of the Constitution. Will a true American and Patriotic counter-insurrection, to safeguard the Constitution and American way of life, be fulfilled in time? The hour glass of the Founding Fathers is ticking away…


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