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It is difficult to understand the democratic side of this election. If a conservative, whether republican or independent, had done all the things Hillary has done they would either be in jail or at the very least forced out of the election cycle. If there were only one scandal it could responsibly be said it was a set up to win the election. However, these scandals go back over thirty years. It seems crooked Hillary has been crooked all her adult life.

Hillary has absolutely nothing to offer this nation any more then Obama did or even today “has.” He has done nothing to better this once great nation and neither will she if she is actually elected. Although I was not a fan of either McCain or Romney both, or either, would have been many times over better then Obama or Hillary. After Carter we needed Ronald Reagan. After Obama we need Donald Trump very very badly. Even more so than the need for Reagan. Donald Trump is not a politician, that is true and taking into account what the majority of Americans think of politicians that is a good thing. However, on the other side Hillary has demonstrated for years what she will do and it does not look like there could ever be a favorable outcome for America. Only for the Clinton’s. They are both greedy zealots who wish to enhance only themselves. They have no love for either this nation or the citizens in it. Right now the Clinton’s, both of them, are much worse, much more corrupt, then Al Capone at the height of his power.

It appears the goal of Obama as well as Hillary is to lead this nation into demise or at least civil war. Attempting to force an armed nation as large as America to do something against their will cannot stand. Hillary has already demonstrated she will not adhere to constitutional law. It is obvious Obama has not for the whole of his administration.

There are only two logical outcomes in the upcoming election. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Tyranny started here in America with the decision the ACA was constitutional and then it was forced upon the citizens. Look the other way or just plain ignore it but it has started. Forcing any American citizen to buy something against their will is tyrannical and should be considered unconstitutional. It will get worse much worse unless repealed and replaced and a law written or constitutional amendment written to prevent a recurrence of something like this. This government has been overstepping its authority for a century. Since at least Woodrow Wilson. This must stop NOW. The power must be returned to the states as designated in the constitution itself (the tenth amendment).

Few government officials advocate individual freedoms any more. Most all government agencies now instead advocate “power over the people.” Thanks to Obama. The EPA and IRS are excellent examples of this fact of course there are several more that do as well. This cannot and must not stand. Whatever needs to be done to stop this tyrannical government must be done soon. Even if it means war among ourselves. The longer this goes on the harder it will be to stop it. It could already be to late to prevent a conflict among citizens. In my lifetime, seventy-seven years, I have never seen the hate now so obvious among Americans. It is not just Hillary and Bill Clinton who are morally bankrupt it appears nearly half the nation is as well.


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