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I should be a Hillary supporter. But I’m not. Here’s why.

I should support Hillary because I’m the successful product of big government – government that’s ceaselessly expanded even under Republicans — but with the Democrats consistently lighting-off the turbocharger of governmental growth whenever they have power. I worked as a federal employee for 26 years, mostly inside the Beltway. Subsequent to that career, I’ve consulted for numerous companies and spent lots of time around K Street – the term used as a synonym for the professional lobbyists who encourage legislators, regulators and the president to do their bidding. The system has left me well off and I know a lot of others just like me. Yet we’ve produced little of value for America. Not because we didn’t want to do so, but because two major issues stood in the way. First, we had to serve ourselves first. That meant not making waves and working hard at whatever we are assigned, whether it’s of value or not. It meant seeking credit for successes and running from failures. It meant working especially hard at those opportunities that might make us happier, wealthier or that might help us get ahead in the bureaucracy and/or that set us up to be of great value to industry once we left government. (Why do you suppose most long-time Senators and Representatives stay there after they are done in the Congress?) Indeed, the “system” is so profoundly corrupt it couldn’t function if it wasn’t corrupt. Second, government is inherently grossly inefficient and as I hinted at before, too-often ineffective.

But I suspect that despite President Obama’s non-productive policies and downgrading of America overseas, that our nation will last for at least a decade or more, hopefully until after I’m dead and gone. Plus I know how to get even better off so long as Hillary continues along the paths paved by Obama.

So what’s my problem?

I can’t support Hillary because I learned long ago that a moral person doesn’t take unfair advantage of others — and then lie about it.  Hillary has been a career-long influence-peddling criminal who has never been called to account for selling political favors – starting after getting fired from a Watergate Cte. in DC for unethical behavior and subsequently in Arkansas where husband Bill was attorney general and governor. The details of the Clintons’ numerous scams are easy to find by anyone motivated to look so I’m not going to list them. Both Bill and Hillary have taken bribes and sold influence for decades, she belongs in jail. Add that, perhaps because of her criminal behavior, Hillary is a pathological liar. Her lying is now so bad that her word can’t be trusted by anyone, friend or foe. (Check out what she now repeatedly claims FBI Director Comey said about her emails versus what he actually said – she thinks her audiences are stupid. Maybe they are.) But even taking her at her word, and she says she wants to move America along Obama’s framework, IOW, ever further left. And this sounds wonderful to those who have allowed themselves – by Bernie Sanders in some cases — to be painted as victims by a Democrat Party who then offers them salvation (Free College, Free Everything!). But as a sentiment attributed to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher goes, “… the trouble with socialism is it eventually runs out of other people’s money.”

So I tepidly support the often-buffoonish Donald Trump instead of Hillary. A President Trump will not make my world easier – the changes he seeks will likely make my life less fun. But I’ll support him because as I suggested above that despite America not likely falling completely apart for a number of years, I fret about kids, grandkids and others who will otherwise be here to reap the whirlwind that Clinton’s – if she’s to be like Obama like she says — fecklessness is will bring to our shores. Either way I plan to remain well insulated from the street-crazy criminality Obama has encouraged, from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter. But many whom I love will not. I will continue to avoid theaters and food courts – the Army taught me not to be a target of opportunity in a gun-free zones. But many whom I love will not. And when the mullahs of Iran – hoping to speed the return of the Mahdi — smuggle a nuclear weapon into NY harbor in 2035 of so, I hope I won’t be around for the blast that’ll be.

Is Trump a good answer for America’s future? I have no idea. He’s not my pick. Indeed, he’s another roll of the dice, just like was Obama who – as he exits office — couldn’t even leave us with the improved race relations he promised back in 2008. But I know, at least for those a generation or two younger than me, that Hillary will move the grim reaper ever closer to America. OTOH, Trump has at least a shot at moving our nation in better directions. He’s not owned by K Street, not owned by anyone. This alone is worth our votes. The current system is profoundly corrupt – and Trump knows it because he couldn’t he had to play their game so as to be successful in business.

But should Hillary win, I may simply sit back and think “screw-it”. If my fellow Americans are so foolish as to trade freedom and a decent chance for prosperity in exchange for supposed greater economic equality (making everyone poorer – except Hillary and the new nomenklatura – who will grow ever wealthier and more powerful) and central-diktat socialism, so be it. Indeed, if it happens I will wish America’s younger generations good luck – and I’ll try not to remind them in my remaining years that they got conned by a biased mainstream media in cahoots with lefty baby-boomer professors, unionized public school teachers, LBGT activists, Black Lives Matter, civil servants and guilty movie/music stars. And that by behaving like lemmings, to some degree they brought it on themselves.


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