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Every minute of every day, our news shows the constant turmoil surrounding our new President and his Cabinet — at least the Cabinet members he has managed to get confirmed amid a sea of hysterics. There is not a day since Donald Trump announced he would run for the highest office in the USA, that the press and politicians on both sides of issues did not tirelessly voice complaint after complaint.

Both Presidential candidates ran fearful and vitriolic campaigns loaded with venom and dire warnings of the destruction that would occur if the other was elected. Every day, a new insult, a new threat, new lie, a new accusation. We grew weary and confused amid the constant noise, making it hard to discern what and who would truly stand for us and for our country. These tactics are not new, and have been used since Adam and Eve were banned from the Garden.

The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, etc. He is our enemy, our greatest foe, and he is also called The Accuser of the Brethren. Satan’s greatest tactic, aside from vanity and pride in rebellion, is to accuse. Whether he accuses by quiet whispers in your ear that stab your heart, or he works through violent outlets of screaming and angry mobs of his minions, accusations wear and tear at people’s resolve, and cause them to quietly question everything. Am I on the right side of the issue?

Our Lord says to “test all things, and hold on to what is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21) to see if they align with His principles. We are to “detest evil, and cling to what is good” (Romans 12:9).

One big issue non-Christians keep accusing Christians of is not being “Christian” when it comes to open borders. This is a fallacy, and is not Scriptural. There are several passages in Scripture that can be applied to the situation of border security. “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Timothy 5:8) is one that jumps quickly and immediately to mind. Meaning: before you can take care of others, you must first take care of those within your own home, your own community, your own country. Then, after those people are cared for adequately, you can turn your attentions to helping others outside of our home and borders.

That help does not always or necessarily require bringing these refugees to the USA. Safe zones within their own countries are also a form of assistance, and one that is preferable to many refugees, who also love their own homelands and are reluctant to depart it. If there are refugees that would like to leave and become assimilated new citizens of this country, we cannot abandon all safety protocols and risk harming our own “family.” This is misplaced philanthropy at its very worst.

Yet, many on the Left keep accusing honest Americans of being “bad people” and “bad Christians” for not allowing themselves to be guilted into putting our country and their families at risk by allowing completely open borders. You must stand firm, and realize this is a tactic by the Accuser, who has hated this beautiful country since its inception and birth. This country stands for the great blessings and bounties of God for his people, and has been a shining beacon of goodness and hope for all the world. Satan would love nothing more than to lay waste to it, and see it dead and bloated on his altar of Globalism, humanism, communism, totalitarianism, atheism, and every other evil “ism” he can conjure.

There is always a place for new Americans who honestly want to be productive in our society, but in a mature globe — which we now exist in — there are many enemies that would come here playing possum for the sole intention of wreaking havoc on our country in the name of jihad and terrorism. Let’s be frank — there is no other “religion” on this planet that is at odds with all of humanity outside of its own cult; no other theocracy that demands the death of those who won’t conform, but Islam. The only equivalent to that is now the American Left — who are routinely calling for the murder, assault, rape, etc. of those who will not conform to its insane and Anti American agenda. What’s worse, they have teamed up with the potential Muslims terrorists within our own borders in open calls for murder and mayhem with groups like “Antifa”, BLM, and even CAIR, and other splinter anarchist and domestic terrorist hate groups.

It has never been more clear that we, as Christian Americans, must stand firm in the face of this relentless and unholy assault by Satan himself. The Left have unmasked themselves to brazenly reveal that ultimately, they are followers of Lucifer, in their lust for baby sacrifice, deviant sexual practices, racism, hatred of all things wholesome and good, and the plethora of other sinful acts and dogmatic lies they irrationally and zealously embrace.

Christians must remember that we are called by God to be his “Soldiers” — that we are to run the good race, and we must not lose faith, nor lose heart. We must stand firm, and stand for God. We love God because he first loved us, and provided us with all the bounties of this land. He gave us a manual for living, our Bible, which is inerrant, and tells us clearly where we must stand, and how to discern good from evil. The Bible also tells us we cannot be “lukewarm” and that “broad is the road to perdition, but narrow is the gate to salvation.” We must keep all of these admonitions in mind when we feel weak or somehow accused. We are called to love, but love does not mean compromising our faith and principles.

Our God is an awesome God. He did not wilt in the face of fury. He drove the evil, thieving men from his Father’s temple while beating them with whips. He directly and firmly stood for what was right — calling evil men “broods of vipers” and “hypocrites”. He did not sit down for an encounter group of how we can mend our fences–that came AFTER the situation was honestly and firmly confronted. Our Lord was very black and white about evil — he does not accept “gray” areas of compromise, and neither should we. When God tossed Lucifer and his followers from Heaven in their rebellion, it was not for a “time out” — it was a permanent situation. Our God is not “wishy washy” nor does he flounder and cave into temper tantrums and threats.

The time has come for Christian Americans to stiffen their spine, and be the Lord’s soldiers, and stand firm for what is right, no matter how much venom and accusations the Accuser inflicts. God will never leave us or abandon us if we stand with Him and for Him.


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