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Is the refugee question a domestic or foreign policy issue? Immigration is the combination of refugees and illegals. The foreign policy of Obama/Clinton in  Libya, Iraq and Syria has caused the refugee crisis in the U.S. and Europe.

The early withdraw of forces from Iraq led to the formation of Isis. Not putting teeth behind the line in the sand showed Assad he had little to fear from the U.S. Russia and Putin have always backed Assad. Obama/Clinton set the reset button with Putin, sold uranium to Russia, and backed down in Crimea and the Ukraine. Add the deal with Iran and you have a great foreign policy,ha.

Trump wants to extremely vet the refugees. Hillary wants thousands to be admitted without vetting. This is a repeat of admitting Somali refugees under Bill Clinton in the 90’s. The Minnesota  knife attack was  carried out by a Somali. The Clinton’s did not push for assimilation.  It is only a few, but how many terrorist are too many, the terrorist can hide in the refugees. How many refugees and illegals can the U.S. accommodate  and still provide safety and jobs for the American people?

Isis has killed many people for not believing as they do, but Christians, Jews and LBGTs have been the main targets. Most of the refugees are Muslim with many following  Sharia law. Europe has been hit hard by terrorist and other criminal actions of the refugees. The U.S. has had a few terrorist attacks and criminal activities, do we want to increase the risk?

Both Trump and Clinton have people who know about foreign policy.  Trump wants to listen to some good military people, often those who disagree with Obama/ Clinton. Hillary says I was Secretary of State, so I know everything. Trump has ideas, but viewing from the outside is different then from the inside. Look at the success of Hilary’s experience.

Trump should win on foreign and domestic policy, with economic ramifications..


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