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Islam insists that Temple Mount belongs to Muslims, despite historical facts. Now, those historical facts are supported by archaeological finds… “game changing evidence that the Mount was the site of the “holy temple” of the Jews.” (Breaking Israel News, 6th Sept. 2016, quoted from

I reported on another fact previously – that descendants of the ‘mythical’ king David are alive today and are legitimate heirs to Israel, including Jerusalem, the ‘City of David’. How many more facts are required before Islam gives up its absurd claims? The West must not give in to constant Islamic intimidation.

The Second Temple stood on Temple Mount 2000 years ago, well before Islam was invented. The facts are slowly emerging, much to the horror of Arabs, who, for tactical purposes, try to teach that the Temples never existed. Pro-Muslim supporters like Obama foist a lie upon the people, that Arab culture is rich – we owe it so much! But, a gentle stroll through Islamic woods will find no tall redwood trees, only a few straggling weeds. Search the facts: almost no Nobel Prize winners are Arabs. Nor will you find much by way of productive and useful technology or medicine. Almost nothing! Yet Arabs continue to claim Temple Mount belongs to this ‘rich’ collection of Arab knowledge. This isn’t sarcasm – it’s truth. Do I sound annoyed with the fawning attitude of Western pro-Islam academics? That’s because I am! What they do intensifies Islamic hatred for the West and brings academia into disrepute.

Muslims on the site try to damage or get rid of anything Jewish, but the Temple Mount Sifting Project has managed to salvage many evidences that the Temple stood upon the site well before Muslims took it over.

Evidences so far include 600 colored stone floor tile fragments, over 100 dated to the Herodian Second Temple period (37-34 BC). As the Sifters tell us: “The importance of the discovery is undeniable”. Undeniable it might be, but it will be ignored by Muslims. As the saying goes, “Why should the truth get in the way of a good story?”

The Jordanian Waqf controls the Mount and has been conducting illegal construction work that destroys archaeological evidences. The reasons are painfully obvious. This has been the case since 2000 at a Camp David Summit, when Yasser Arafat committed intellectual fraud, by saying the second Temple was sited at Shechem and not Jerusalem! Perhaps Arafat forgot historical data in the Bible that inconveniently places the Second Temple bang on top of the Mount!

Because of a love for all things Islamic UNESCO bleated the same obvious lies, declaring that the Temple Mount was an “exclusively Muslim holy site”, and the New York Times absurdly stated the two Temples never existed at all, and ignored the fact that Islam took no notice of the site for most of the religion’s sad existence.

Director of the Sifting Project, Dr Gabriel Barkay, was asked if the restoration finds was “absolute proof refuting Temple denial” (Breaking Israel News’). He replied in true academic style: “You are asking me if I have proof that water is wet. I don’t need to prove anything – I found facts”!

For Dr Barkay denying the existence (and now location) of the Jewish Temples is equal to “denying the Holocaust”. As an Holocaust survivor himself, he should know. His experience gives him the courage few academics display. He adds “I couldn’t care less about people who deny what I know to be true.” I admire this man for not just saying he is an academic, but proving it.

Concerning evidence, he said that the Holocaust can be proved from camps, films, photographs and survivors, and “For the Temple, we have the Mishnah, the New Testament… the writings of Flavious Josephus (and) we have mountains of archaeological evidence. I don’t want to relate to what is nothing less than a political misuse of history.” (Sadly, Islam is full of redactions, even of its own Koran).

Josephus saw the second Temple with his own eyes, and gave a description of it, including its rows of tiles, mostly made in Rome, Asia Minor, Tunisia and Egypt, and their shapes and colours. Also, the same kinds of shapes and colors are found in other structures built by Herod. Importantly, the Temple was covered in ornate flooring called opus sectile, built by craftsmen to an extraordinary quality, and the finds confirm their use – a use not found in Israel before the Herodian period.

On the eighth of September the Project will be highlighting the finds at the Megalim Conference focusing on Temple Denial. It will be live streamed with English translation at the City of David website. Researchers have already been attacked on Temple Mount by zealous Islamists (July 2016). With this new set of finds will Islamists try to obliterate the evidences and the work itself?

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