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One day I got woke and found the NFL has become the No-Fun-League.

I was a YUGE Steelers fan since the day Chuck Noll draft-picked Joe Greene from North Texas University in 1968. The rest, as they say, is history. The Steelers won four Super Bowl rings in six years. After a drought, they won two more rings (to go with two SB losses–Dallas and Green Bay).

From the depth of utter ineptitude in the Fifties and Sixties, the Steelers—not the Cowboys—stand as America’s Team. Steeler Nation. For decades, they had the most fans of any team for games played in cities not named Pittsburgh.

(Chuck Noll: There are going to be changes. Everyone will change jock straps between practices from now on. You, switch with him, you and you, with them…..) Steeler history, back when they were too poor to afford more than one practice uniform and  worked out in the same clothes in the afternoon as in the morning. Back when most players worked regular jobs in the off season because the NFL compensation was a pittance compared to now.

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But, in 2016 and 2017 (and beyond, I’m certain) I no longer care. No, I’m not talking about boycotting the Steelers. I mean the GAME just isn’t the same. I used to watch Ben fling a TD pass to AB, and in years past, I’d scream TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!

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Now, meh.

If I watch the Steelers it’s only because they’re televised in the New Orleans market (since I cancelled cable and satellite—including NFL Ticket five years ago) and I don’t have something else to do. Gone are the days I’d rush home from church to avoid missing the kickoff.

I’ve been losing interest for some time, but Colon Craepernick’s gobshite-spouting nitwittery, added to by idiots that think we should care about their “right” to protest on the job, have put the final nail in the NFL’s coffin.

Used to be, most guys played football on various levels, and even those of us that played pickup football on sandlots on weekend afternoons appreciated the professionalism of the MEN (sorry, Social Justice Wusses) possessing the talent and skills to compete at the highest level.

So, that Jack Lambert could say regarding the numerous rule changes (in the grasp) protecting passers, “Maybe quarterbacks should play in dresses.”

HUH?????? Talk about ANTI PC! Football players used to be tough guys back in the day. Today’s Sadiators are, at best, drama queens who think it’s every man’s right to pee in the girl’s room.

So, add all that to my ever shrinking interest, and I don’t give a damn any longer who wins, who loses, or who played. Steelers are three games ahead of the motorcycle gang from Baltimore. (Used to be the Oakland Raiders–biggest rivalry–that were Hell’s Angels in pads, but that was before Oakland discovered it was just to the right of San Francisco.

Three game lead over the #Nevermore Ravens, and I can’t get excited. Ravens fans at work don’t talk football any longer, just as Cowboy fans don’t. Even Saints fans yawn. I feel sorry for them. At least I have the Penguins to look forward to each autumn. But, there’s this game folks say Abner Doubleday invented where people in the stands wore fancy dresses and suits and ties. Say it ain’t so, Joe, but could beisbol be making a comeback?

It’s suddenly like 1968 all over again. The NFL’s back to three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust football games that weren’t going anywhere until the AFL’s New York Jets and Joe Namath beat the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. The NFL had the good sense to merge with the far more entertaining and pass happy AFL, and the game was on the way.

It’s an absolute shame that the institution has been taken over by anti-American Social Justice Wusses that spit on the flag (when they’re not burning it) and flip the finger at the singer of the National Anthem while telling fans it’s their right to express themselves on the job. Even the owner of Starbucks figured out fairly soon that customers don’t want to DISCUSS RACE with their morning coffee, and that idiotic idea lasted about one week.

But, the NFL? They’re on a descending glide path back to irrelevance because the FANS don’t want to hear the political views of owners, players, or parking lot attendants. We care ONLY about FOOTBALL…..until they made it impossible to be entertained.

Sorry, Steelers. I know Coach thought by staying in the locker room, you all could avoid controversy, but as your contracts run out, and there isn’t money enough to go around a few years from now, just remember. In all the years Franco, Rocky, Mean Joe, L.C., Jacks Ham and Lambert, Swann and Stallworth spoiled us with championship-level football–WE NEVER KNEW WHO THEY  VOTED FOR, and WE DIDN’T CARE. All we cared about was Franco Harris’s moves (sung to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas) on the Chuck Noll Super bowl Team.

Now, those days are gone forever. Thanks, guys. The Rams gave away sixty thousand tickets yesterday, but the stadium remained well over half empty. Apparently, it’s not just the players who know how to take a knee.

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Robert McClain

A published science-fiction author, I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana. But, my first love is writing commentary from a conservative Christian viewpoint. I can be reached at [email protected]


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