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calumny:  the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone’s reputation; slander.
pervert:  alter (something) from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what first was intended.
perversion:  a distortion, misrepresentation, falsification, travesty.
political pervert:  one who commits perverse acts of calumny to achieve a political objective.

The entire leadership of the Democrat Party appears to have abandoned any pretext of principled action. Guided by a lust for power exceeded only by their collective hubris and the extent to which deceit will be used to mislead the people, Democrats are attempting to frustrate the normal orderly business of confirming a highly-qualified nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. These acts of political perversion have put our nation in extreme danger.

When Democrats boldly commit acts of calumny by claiming Judge Kavanaugh is unqualified by virtue of their egregiously improper false allegations claiming he committed acts of teenage sexual misconduct, they expose themselves as political perverts. Their collective perversion of the confirmation process for Judge Brett Kavanaugh is nothing short of deserving removal from office or, at the very least, censure by the full Senate. These political perverts are simply exposing themselves as radical Leftists who will stop at nothing to prevent an originalist/constitutionalist from being seated on the Supreme Court. Ironically, our Constitution expects originalist constitutionalists to be the only suitable nominees to our Supreme Court.

Progressive Democrats have been at war with our Constitution for more than 100 years and they show no sign of calling a truce until they have turned our Constitution on its head and made the Supreme Court a superior legislative body creating law by fiat, cutting out the States and the People from any real political power. Woodrow Wilson, an ardent racist Democrat, began this decline by illicitly altering our Constitution (17th amendment) to remove State’s power by altering how Senators were elected to Congress.

Progressives’ true objective is to put supreme power in the hands of an elitist Progressive federal government that reserves no real power to the States and the People. Note how Democrats have pressed for an “FBI investigation” of shoddy claims that are strictly a local matter beyond the purview of the FBI. Not one Democrat approached any local authority to investigate these concocted allegations. Why? Because they knew the allegations were subterfuge.

In collusion with the entire minority party members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate minority leader and his cohorts are attempting to thwart the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh by their perversion of the confirmation process. During the recently extended confirmation hearing these “leaders” have allowed their hubris and power lust to embolden them to commit serial perversions of justice, fairness, honesty, integrity, decency, and civility. Their hired activists, posing as “victims” of sexual abuse, accost Republican Senators in perverse acts of incivility designed to shame and defame their target.

These are not the acts of civilized, normal people. They are the acts of seriously deranged individuals who are assaulting civility in order to bully others into participating in their charade.

When they recklessly damage innocents as they have Judge Kavanaugh, they damage us all.

And why? It’s all about political power. These political perverts will do anything (the end justifies the means) to block any effort to restore our Supreme Court to a deliberative body that uses only our Constitution as their sole guide. The depth of their perverse political depravity has been fully exposed by their behavior during the Kavanaugh confirmation process. They sprang into action after the hearings had closed and a vote to take the confirmation out of the committee and on to the full Senate was about to be taken. They knew that had this allegation been privately brought to the full committee, their own orderly investigation would have rejected these allegations as uncorroborated fantasies of a seriously troubled individual.

Eschewing a timely and proper airing of this allegation, these political perverts held this information back and then demanded more “hearings” and an FBI “investigation” in an effort to give credibility to an incredible story that has all the elements of a complete fabrication advanced by an activist highly partisan Progressive Democrat, Christine Blasey Ford. The obviously marginally-functional Ford may have been the victim of a real sexual assault at one distant time in her past, but her story, laced with inconsistencies and incredibly lacking in details that anyone would recall, under those circumstances, appears concocted for the singular purpose of perverting the Senate confirmation process and denying confirmation of the Kavanaugh nomination.

And how did this fabricated story come to the attention of the committee? Through the combined efforts of Democrats leaking the story and a Leftist news outlet, both having known about this story early in the hearing process. The fabrication was deliberately held back so it could be released for maximum public exposure just as the committee was preparing to vote on the nominee. Clearly, this perversion of the normal Senate confirmation process was designed to create the circus that has evolved and to delay the process sufficiently to allow additional fabrications (each more lurid and less credible than the previous) to be advanced and repeated by the corrupt news media.

Clearly, with the encouragement of the Senate minority leader, Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee colluded to present a unified front against the confirmation of one of the most qualified people to ever be nominated to sit on the Supreme Court.

Presenting a united front is perfectly fine. However, when that united front is designed to foster acts of political calumny designed to sufficiently defame and damage the good reputation of someone who, by any reasonable measure of decency, is vastly superior to every one of the political perverts representing the minority on that committee, then such collusion is reprehensible and serves only to disqualify every participant from sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee. These political perverts have knowingly colluded to foster false accusations of sexual misconduct, crossing a line that has never been crossed before. That line is the border between civilized governance and the depths of a perverse use of raw political power to torpedo the confirmation of a highly-qualified nominee.

The roster of Political Perverts:

  • Chuck Schumer, New York
  • Dianne Feinstein, California
  • Patrick Leahy, Vermont
  • Dick Durbin, Illinois
  • Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island
  • Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota
  • Chris Coons, Delaware
  • Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
  • Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
  • Cory Booker, New Jersey
  • Kamala Harris, California
  • Kirsten Gillibrand, New York

There is no question that the accusations against Judge Kavanaugh are entirely without merit and have all the appearance of being specifically fabricated at the direction of the political perverts named above for the sole purpose of politically gang raping Judge Kavanaugh in the hope they can damage their victim sufficiently to prevent the constitutional process of confirming a highly-qualified nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The political bullying of Kavanaugh by every one of the political perverts listed above is as egregious a demonstration of despicable political perversion this nation has ever witnessed.

Contrary to the rules governing committee procedures, Democrats perverted the confirmation process by illicitly and deliberately withholding the Blasey Ford accusation until regular hearings had been closed. These political perverts successfully created the ensuing circus that continues today, a circus that could never have been created had the proper process been followed that would have guaranteed the privacy and anonymity of the accuser.

The smokescreen of feigned outrage will clear and the claims of sexual misconduct will be seen for what they are, complete fabrications deliberately raised outside the normal hearing process to delay or derail the confirmation of a highly qualified nominee.

As time moves on, the trumped up sexual misconduct accusations are dissolving before our eyes only to expose a new last-ditch claim that (stop the presses!) Judge Kavanaugh drank too much when in high school! Horrors of horrors!

Really? What next? An allegation that Judge Kavanaugh was late for class? Or that he missed church one Sunday? Does the word “ludicrous” come to mind?

Step back, open your eyes, and see these Democrat political perverts for who they are. And remember, as heinous as sexual misconduct is, political perverts present a far greater danger to this Republic than do sexual perverts.

These political perverts are even worse. They are partisan political perverts because they are blind to any sexual misconduct committed by Democrats!

If Democrats truly wanted to champion women who were victims of violent acts of male sexual misconduct, they would focus their attention on Keith Ellison, Deputy Chair of the DNC and their Party’s candidate for Attorney General of Minnesota, against whom there is a current credible accusation of violence against a former girlfriend. But Democrats really do not care about acts of aggression committed against women, because all we hear from Democrats on that front is crickets. Oh yes, rest assured, the Democrat Party investigated the abuse allegations against Ellison and (drumroll) the Democrat activist attorneys who investigated this matter for the Democrat Party concluded there was insufficient proof against the Democrat candidate because his accuser had no videotape of the incidents! However there is credible physical evidence attested to by her physician and, unlike those allegations leveled against Judge Kavanaugh, the incidents were reported.

Imagine Mr. Ellison has been elected Attorney General of your state and you are a woman who is being physically abused by your husband or boyfriend. Would you be more or less likely to report your abuse? Would your chances of reporting the abuse increase or decrease if the perpetrator were a Democrat activist? Think before you vote.

If voters want assurance the government of our nation is never put into the hands of political perverts, then they’d better make certain they vote in November’s election to assure Progressive Leftist Democrats never again become a majority party in Congress. Never again.

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