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On my website I warned readers to watch out for all kinds of excuses for the Orlando killings. Except the one that matters – Islamic terrorism. Sure enough, each excuse was trotted out by dutiful socialist US leaders!

One was that Christians were responsible. Another, those who will not accept homosexuality as a valid lifestyle. There are many more… I just hope the American people are not as brain-dead as these leaders imply by their continual playing around with lies.

Now, thanks to Obama and his cronies, the Attorney General has got rid of certain transcripts connected to the Orlando case, ostensibly to clear the deck of any and all connections to Islam and its terroristic mindset. ( June 20th).

One of the transcripts is the pledge the gunman made to ISIS. The FBI want to make sure you know the gunman was an ordinary citizen afraid of his own homosexuality – even though more recent news tells us he was proud to be gay! (It is quite possible that he was himself threatened with death from jihadis if he did not do the bidding of the Koran, which demands death for gays). The AG, Loretta Lynch, excuses this serious intervention by saying she did not want Americans to further hear ‘propaganda’ – yet her own actions are themselves propaganda! Her latest statement contradicts what she said earlier – to give the USA as much information as possible (CBN, quoted in June 19th).

So, why remove all references to Islamic terrorism from an incident that was clearly Islamic terrorism? This has the paw-marks of Obama all over it! Another excuse is that she did not wish to “revictimize” those who went through the ordeal. Let’s put that another way – don’t tell anyone Hitler was responsible for WW2, just in case Jews feel revictimized! However, what she will leave us with is the accusation that genuine Christians are responsible instead, by not accepting homosexuality as valid! Nice trade, eh? It is just another case of redaction – the rewriting of history. If this occurred within a police department – rewriting of facts – the department would be held liable for fraud and other criminal acts.

This helps Marxist/Islamic groups such as CAIR, and Obama’s merry men, to victimize groups who have nothing to do with murder, and prevents people from telling the truth about motives of terrorists. This latter reason has been quoted many times by all kinds of people, from shopkeepers to police, for not advising police and FBI about suspected Islamic killers. It is also heard throughout Europe. Thus, Islamic killers and criminals literally get away with murder and other crimes, so that Islamists do not feel peeved. But, nothing must get in the way of the stupidity of Angela Merkel and the EU, or Obama and his absurdly Islamic policies.

As usual, Muslims are allegedly being wrongly attacked with ‘Islamophobia’. What utter nonsense! That is an invention of leaders who for reasons unknown want to appease Islamists. ‘Islamophobia’ is as real as ‘homophobia’ – they are invented to increase special status of both groups, to the detriment of truth and social integrity.

Former Muslim radical, Maajid Nawaz, said “If we refuse to isolate, name and shame Islamist extremism, from fear of increasing anti-Muslim bigotry, we only increase anti-Muslim bigotry.”   (Quotable Quotes, Clarion Project). Obama and the West should take note, for they are directly responsible for these shameful acts, by allowing anonymity to terrorists. Perhaps Obama wants to use the martial law edicts he has devised before he thankfully leaves office, when society discovers just how bad things are.

Remember the mantra – IT IS NOT ISLAM. Yeah, sure, the killer was a Muslim, he was linked to Muslim terror groups, he listened to an Islamic cleric who said gays must be killed, he told everyone he supported ISIS, and he shouted those words when he peppered the club with bullets – “Allahu Akbar”. Just because he looked like a duck, quacked like a duck and waddled like a duck, does this mean he WAS a duck! C’mon, let’s be fair!! On the other hand, anyone who says it WAS Islamist must be, well, intelligent, and we can’t have that, can we?


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