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Over 63 million Americans voted for Donald Trump because we believed that he was our last great hope to save America from the path of internal destruction it has been on for 50 years. His promise to Make America Great Again, Safe Again and Prosperous Again resonated across all economic and ethnic lines and into our hearts.

Now that Donald Trump is our duly elected president there are forces in our own government, our ex-president and the mainstream media that are colluding with elements of our Intelligence community committing acts of espionage, treason and sedition in an effort to delegitimize the election of President Trump and stop his agenda of working for WE THE PEOPLE.

Why is this happening now and what can we do to stop it before it is too late?

It only takes one word to describe the why. That word is FEAR. It is fear that is driving these acts of Espionage, Treason, and Sedition against America. But what is it they really fear?

They fear change, change is scary to them and Donald Trump represented the 1st real change in American Politics in 50 years.

They fear their jobs, their gravy train of bribes, kickbacks and backroom deals might come to an end. They fear their previous deals and crimes will be exposed. They fear losing the power they perceive they have and are entitled to. This fear has even driven some Republicans to add to the collusion working against President Trump. The corruption in Washington runs deep and crosses party lines.

This infection of fear driving these people to turn against America for their own personal or political gain has now jumped into the public dialog and most Americans outside of Washington D.C. are not aware of the danger to our country this truly represents.

Make no mistake about it, this is a full out coup attempt from the highest levels of our intelligence community that is driven by their own mass hysteria because they fear Donald Trump. With the actions being taken by our former President trying to remain relevant by publicly challenging the decisions made by President Trump, the Democrats in Congress and the MSM all beating the drum of Anarchy, we are at the most dangerous crossroads in the history of America since the Civil War. The action WE THE PEOPLE take will determine whether the America we love survives or falls into history as just another good idea gone bad.

When elements inside our government actively work to bring down a duly elected President and the Media willfully aids and abets this criminal activity it is time for the Patriots in America’s heartland from sea to shining sea to rise up and be heard. It is imperative that we take our country back from these people while there is still time.

I would prefer this was accomplished in a peaceful manner but I am concerned we are beyond that point. Organized Anarchy in our streets is taking place right now and Law Enforcement seems unable or unwilling to stop it. This is only going to get worse because it is our own government and those seeking to bring it down that are backing this.

63 million Americans voted for President Trump and it is going to take 63 million Patriots to show up once again, to stand up for what we believe in and if necessary fight for what we believe in. It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take to the streets in Washington DC and cities all across America to send the message loud and clear to not TREAD ON US any longer.

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