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The war on the North American English language is now at critical levels. All ages are affected by very poor English “spoken” as a second language!

Nursing homes and retirement homes contain senior residents, bewildered daily, by Filipino and Third World workers with minimal English. “It’s as if North American seniors have been exiled to a foreign country! Foreign languages spoken among the staff appear strange and disorienting.”

When the administrator of one corporate-owned globalist retirement-home chain was confronted with this, she retorted, “We have minimum English-language requirements for all our staff.”  Oh?  What are they?

“All workers must take two weeks of the English language before working here.” To which the immediate response was, “Your minimal standards are unacceptable! Two weeks? It’s hard enough for many seniors to communicate with lifetime family and friends in English!”

Are we to be united by a common language proficiently spoken? Or fragmented by over 322 languages currently and unashamedly spoken in North America?

For those not yet seniors, consider two of innumerable daily professional disasters:

In the trucking industry, as more and more immigrants are hired, “When immigrant drivers arrive at their destination, it can take up to six hours to find someone who can read their bill of lading. Unfortunately this is very routine and common. The legal document between the shipper of a particular good and the carrier detailing the type, can be a mystery for up to six hours before truckers can proceed.

In the hospital industry, care is extremely difficult as more and more patients speak diverse languages. How are nurses and doctors to know what is being said? Is it easier for a nurse to learn Arabic, Somalian, Nigerian, Spanish, etc. Or for immigrants to learn English fluently before arriving in North America?

Meanwhile, elementary and high schools are sacrificing indigenous children who are citizens – on the altar of Marxist multiculturalism. They must learn at a much slower pace, ever so slowly – in their dumbed-down agenda – as teachers must taken extra time, all the time, to make sure immigrant children comprehend words and concepts. These daily frustrations and impossibilities are crafted to de-nationalize and de-stabilize.

And when these immigrant “students” return home each night, many of their parents only speak to them in their foreign languages, not at all reviewing in English the current homework. Needless to say, North American teachers are being abused and victimized by this entirely unacceptable arrangement – while talented and gifted indigenous students are slowed to a criminal pace for adequate learning.

When Donald Trump becomes President to “Make America Great Again!” no one must be allowed across the borders: until fluent English is both spoken, written and comprehended. It’s one thing to know two weeks of vocabulary words and quite another to comprehend what is being spoken by seniors, health care professionals, industrial exchanges, as well as elementary and high school teachers.


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