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Will the left not be happy until all the world is Happy and Gay?! Everyday and in every way, homosexuality is being thrust in our faces. It is identity politics on steroids.

For a while there it appeared as if the transgender craze would be the new sensation that would sweep the nation, but the novelty seemed to wane quickly and the fervor for the movement fizzled out. Now we are back to left pushing tried and true, good ole American homosexuality.

It’s gotten so in-your-face that even a local sports show I listen to out of Boston has a token homosexual. This is a program where they talk about the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics. It is supposed to be one of the last bastions of manliness – where blue collar, hard-hat wearing, Mark Wahlberg types (although most probably look more like Larry the Cable Guy) call in and discuss sports – where every other word is “yo” or “dude.” Yet even they feel compelled to have a she-man on the mike. What genius decided this is a good idea?

I guess it is true, what Rush Limbaugh said long ago. Those in sports media tend to be even more liberal than their “news” counterparts. And like their counterparts, they consider the advancement of the liberal agenda more important than the sports they are supposed to be covering.

And I don’t want to hear any comments about my classifying this gentleman as a she-man. He has the stereotypical feminized voice of the classic gay guy. We all know what I mean. And really – what’s up with that? They can’t all be born with an effeminate voice. Is there some sort of class they take that causes them to all sound the same? Is it encouraged in the homosexual community? Must be.

How long will it be before we see two guys discussing Viagra or Cialis on a Television commercial, sitting in two bathtubs holding hands as the commercial cuts away? Years – months?

The Huffington Post published an article just yesterday profiling the “Vampire Chronicles” author Anne Rice, entitled: “Anne Rice: ‘I Feel Like I’m Gay’ And Forget ‘I Have A Gender.’”

No doubt the wacky leftist HuffPo was giddy over the opportunity to print such high-brow commentary – something we cave-dwellers couldn’t possibly comprehend. Well, they’d be right about that, because I’m failing to comprehend it.

How does one forget they have a gender? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while, and I’ve heard some mighty dumb things post-election. And how is that even possible? Is she only reminded when she uses the bathroom – when she recalls she must sit? Or does she just stand there looking quizzically at the toilet?

“I’ve always been very much a champion of gay rights, and art produced by gay people,” Rice said in the interview. Art produced by gay people? How does she know? Why can’t she just be a “champion” of people producing art? What’s the difference if they are homosexual or not?

And this is why we know it’s not at all about “gay people,” but merely pushing the leftist agenda du-jour. Next month it could be that she has always been a fan of sleeping with animals. They will promote anything they feel will upset the traditional American apple cart. And that’s what it’s really all about.

It used to be, or at least I thought, that homosexuals didn’t want to be identified as just being homosexual. I suppose that only applies to those of us on the right, who see them as only being gay, because that’s all they choose to show us. Don’t indentify me by the only thing I portray myself as.

As long as you on the left continue your efforts to jam this “lifestyle” choice down our throats, you will fail – just as the ridiculous N.C. Bathroom Bill repeal went down to a crushing defeat.

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