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Fredo Cuomo demands proof that there is no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians to steal the presidency.

Prove that unicorns do not exist.  Prove that the Moon is not made of cheese.  Prove that Democrats have a functional thought.  You cannot prove something doesn’t exist except by pointing out its absence.  But if you say that to a liberal they will insist that it does exist – they just haven’t found it yet.  The eternal delusions of the dysfunctional mind are more proof of insanity and psychosis than it is of logical reason.  This liberal fool demands proof that there is no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary.  The proof is in the thousands of articles written by supposedly “stellar journalists” who use “anonymous sources” to spin their yarn – and every last one of them is forced to admit (later in their articles) that there is no evidence on which to lay a foundation for their baseless allegations.  They do this to maintain a modicum of integrity, but their charges are “so serious” that they must keep the rumor mill turning to propel their fish tale.

Fredo Cuomo’s Idiotic Questions and Newt’s Great Idea

DiFi Updates Wolf Blitzer: Still No Evidence, Just Rumors

Liberals are so ignorant of facts, of history, of science, and of reality that they make demands that defy intelligence.  They think evolution is a scientific fact, not a theory.  They think global warming is a scientific fact and not a scam to separate fools from their money.  They think socialism is a benevolent Utopia despite the last hundred years of mass murders and wealth destruction.  They think Islam is a religion of peace and Christianity oppressive.  And they think Putin would help Trump win the election when he had such good patsies in Obama and Hillary.  Just because germs and molecules were not discovered until the 20th century they think every delusional belief they have is actual fact devoid of evidence waiting to be discovered.  Seriously, do we need to spend any more time examining the stupidity of liberalism?

The Shining City illuminates liberalism with darkness

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