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Yesterday, Hillary Clinton was on MSNBC explaining her election loss last November. She admitted that she took full responsibility for her loss.

Now, it would have been genuine had her statement either ended at that or continued in that trajectory. But, quite predictably, Clinton continued her pedantic statement by blaming FBI director James Comey’ letter on October 28th regarding the investigation of her private, illegal email server. She then found culpability with Russia for hacking the election, and WikiLeaks, which may have raised doubts and scared people off. And, of course, misogyny.

Clinton concluded, “If the election were on October 27th, I would be your president,” adding that the places that didn’t vote for her didn’t have “cell coverage for a mile.”

This interview alone clearly conveys why Clinton was so unlikable.

Let’s put aside Clinton’s incredibly long paper trail, which includes the private server, destroying 33,000 emails using Bleachbit, the failure in Benghazi and cover-up blaming a YouTube video, the pay-for-play at the Clinton foundation, and general extreme corruption, for just a moment.

Aside from calling Americans “a basket of deplorables,” I can’t help but wonder why rural voters would possibly be turned off by an entitled, pompous politician who clearly had no interest in rural, or flyover, America. Saying that the places who supported Trump can’t get cell coverage is declaring that these are rural Americans, those same individuals that perhaps are clinging to their guns and religion. And this statement demonstrates nothing but contempt for most of America.

Exemplifying this is the fact that Clinton didn’t even bother to campaign in the Rust Belt states, such as Wisconsin and Michigan, because her arrogance and faulty prowess made her believe she, as a Democrat, owned these historically blue states.

It is no wonder she only won 15% of the counties in the last election, most of them containing large cities. Many politicians could have at least pretended successfully to care about rural America and embrace its people. But Clinton couldn’t. Her palpable sense of superiority and her disingenuous nature were distasteful for so many voters.

And that is why Donald Trump won the presidency. Regardless of the problems conservatives, such as myself, have with him, it’s hard to deny he loves his country and truly cares about its success.

The Left generally loves to play the victim card. When Obama was president, anyone opposed to him was racist. Apparently, according to Clinton, anyone who didn’t support her was sexist. But it’s pretty obvious that Clinton was an extremely poor candidate, an arrogant and fake individual with qualities that deemed her unworthy of the United States presidency.

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