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America is on the brink of a massive civil-war, which could create more causalities than the previous on more than 150 years ago. We share these lands, we share the political climate, we share the economy, and we share everything that is America; however the radical left in America is no longer willing or able to share any of America. They desire this country to move far-left, yet the American people elected a President, in my opinion, to move as far away from the so-called “Liberal-Progressive” ideology. These leftists are ignoring the will of the American people, and attempting to overthrow the elected government.

There exists a recent documentary which should elevate any American’s concern over the current political situation in America. A documentary filmmaker named Trevor Loudon recently compiled a documentary showing the radical left in its true form in America. Trevor is from New Zealand, and he answers the question of why as a foreigner he cares so deeply about the current political situation in America. Basically, if America falls to these leftists, so will New Zealand. He is not alone in that thinking either, many people throughout the world were pulling heavily for Donald Trump because they knew that if Hillary Clinton got into office it meant the end of the free-world as we all have known it.

Under Obama, whom I refuse to call “President,” we have seen the world change in such a way that the future looks bleak for ALL of us, not just Americans. Barrack Hussein’s push towards globalism and progressivism was supposedly going to help 3rd world nations become more like 1st world nations, however what is really happening is that the 1st world is being brought down to 3rd world levels. The supposed “redistribution of wealth” only distributed wealth into corrupt politicians and dirty corporatist pockets. The amount of corruption in the Democratic Party is unprecedented. A party which was supposed to be representing the best interests of the American working class has instead sold those people out to foreign interests…and their own interests. Hillary Clinton would have been a continuation of these types of policies, and worse.

Investigative Journalist James O’Keefe, and American hero in my mind, has been going around as an undercover leftist and filming the radical left in their meetings and events. It is scary to see what these people are discussing. They call each other “comrade” and have hammer-and-sickle communist flags and banners. They want to turn America into a Communist-Socialist hybrid for future generations, and let me tell you, this is NOT what the founding father of this country had in mind. These leftists are painting are painting their dictatorship ideology as a great thing for America, and they are indoctrinating the youth via “liberal” college campuses to think as they do. They censor free-speech of Conservatives who attempt to come speak to the youth to show them the other side of the argument. Conservatives have been shut-down with violent riots outside of their events. When the left has resorted to these types of antics, it is clear that they have lost the argument. Widespread violence is almost assuredly about to find its way to America, whether you want to admit that or not. If these radical left groups are not shut down themselves, they will continue to spread like a cancer throughout this country.

Don’t take my word for it, please take 20 minutes of your time and watch this short documentary:

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other social media sites have fallen in-line with these Communist wannabes and they too are censoring Libertarian and Conservative voices throughout the world, not just America. ISIS, the radical left, and many other radical groups are allowed to post content to these sites which are recruiting more members and also calling for the overthrow of the elected American President, Donald J. Trump. These radicals do not get censored at all, but if I post something which calls-out the hypocrisy of progressivism, my account gets shut down for days on end.

We are seeing the future right now, this is only the beginning of dictatorial reign by the left and this censorship is literally the tip of the freezing cold iceberg which is approaching America, and the world. World War II was started by a Socialist country which was attempting to spread like a cancer. While these leftists call Donald Trump “Hitler, Nazi and a fascist,” they themselves are the ones exhibiting this sort of behavior. The left tries to say that Hitler was a right-wing leader; however, Hitler was a tyrannical dictator who was of the Socialist mindset, not a Conservative one.

The so-called “Right-Wing” represents a free-market, power to the people, prosperity, low taxes, smaller government, and many other positive aspects for a society to live by and everything the founding fathers intended for this country. The “Left-Wing,” on the other hand, now believes in dictatorial rule, one party system, higher taxes, bigger government, and many other aspects which take the power from the people and give it to their political party. The modern leftist is begging for 1984 to become a reality, and if they have their way it is going to happen.

I just want the American people to know what is really happening all around them. This is no longer “Republican vs. Democrat,” rather what we are witnessing is the attempt of the radical left to overthrow an elected President in order to bring in their own tyrannical dictatorship. WWII started just like this with Adolf Hitler and his Nazi brown-shirts, which in modern America equates to Antifa, the so-called “anti-fascists.” Winston Churchill once said “the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists,” and that is EXACTLY what is happening. These leftists have shown their hand, and it is not and American hand.

Unless something is done to legally combat these leftist groups and radicals throughout America, they will continue to spread their hate of this country and cause violence and unrest on our streets. Civil-War in America is right around the corner if nothing is done. It is hard for me to fathom that America is even remotely in this situation, but it could not be truer.  I spent 10 years in the United States Army, and I took the oath to protect this country from ALL enemies…foreign and domestic. I take that oath very seriously, and I have every intention of doing just that. For now, my writings are the only way to defend this nation, but if it comes down to it, I will be on the front-lines of this fight and might be the one who fires the modern “shot heard round the world.” It is time for Americans, who love this country for what it was rather than what these leftists want it to be, to stand up against these fascistic leftists. It is time for the President Donald Trump to take action against seditious traitors, before the American people are forced to do so themselves.

I am not, and would never, encourage violence on innocent people. We are forced to sit back and wait to see what happens next or if judiciary action is finally taken against the left. I am not asking for Americans to pick up arms and cause any sort of violence right now, but every American should come to the realization that these leftist groups are absolutely expecting and preparing for violence to happen. The “resist” and “antifa” movements have turned into a violent mob of radical leftists, and if we continue to sit here and do nothing it will only fester into something far worse.

If their radical leftist politicians have their way, Donald Trump will be overthrown and the power will be handed right back to these apparent insane asylum escapees. Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Loretta Lynch, Barrack Hussein Obama, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and many other leftist politicians are attempting to overthrow this elected President and should be charged with sedition AND treason. This would be the only way we can avoid bloody battles in the streets of America, if these corrupt and radical leftists are charged for their crimes against this country. If we the people fail to hold these radicals accountable for their seditious behavior, then America as we know it is finished.

I support Donald Trump 110% and his decisions overseas to reassert American power in the world, however, we should pull many of the troops home and concentrate on AMERICA FIRST! This situation we are facing is an incredibly dangerous one, and while the public goes to and from work living our lives like everything is hunky-dory, there are plans to subvert our country and overthrow everything great about America. This could happen at any moment, we are teetering on the edge of a tyrannical future. We need those troops to be close to home and ready to go on a moment’s notice to defend this country against ALL enemies, foreign and especially domestic!


I am putting the same link to this documentary again because it is SO powerful and it shows the true intentions of the Left. Please, I implore you, PLEASE watch this documentary and spread it far and wide. I had nothing to do with the making of it, I don’t know Trevor, he simply hit the nail on the head and it is a MUST watch for ALL Americans. The world is attempting to release itself from the grasp of these evil radicals; will YOU stand up and make a difference?


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