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Nazism Is Dead

There appears significant confusion today concerning the rioters of the leftist Democrat ilk. It is important to realize that Nazism is dead. World War II made the world safe for Communism.

A radio personality with over 40 million listeners, Charles Coughlin was privy to the world’s best intelligence in the 1930s through 1940s. What he proclaimed over the airwaves to his audience was repeated many times, in later years, by American Patriot Pat Buchanan:

“Communism was the left wing and Nazism the right wing on the same Marxist bird of prey. Both had a great deal in common with Marxism. But one of the differences was that Nazism wanted a strong middle class, while Communism has always wanted no middle class.”  Today, the American middle class is nearly destroyed.

At the onset of World War II, Coughlin noted, “FDR clasped the bloodied hand of Stalin.” Following World War II, Stalin was gifted the United Nations and Communist Alger Hiss was a charter representative.

Dean Acheson who had been Red Russia’s regular counsel in the United States, became our Secretary of State. The Communist Harry Dexter White virtually ran the Treasury Dept. for years under Morgenthau. (Morgenthau during WWII sent millions of dollars to Trotsky in Mexico while US citizens were suffering.)

The Communist Francis Biddle represented America at the Nurnberg Trials though he was Communist. As a Communist, Biddle meddled with and changed the definitions of Natural Law and Rule of Law.  Agents of the Comintern came into position of control and command in our State Dept.

At the Yalta Conference manipulated by Alger Hiss, millions of free people, including women and children, were sold into Communist slavery. Dewey was a Communist and his dark legacy still grips the illegal Dept. of Education. (See The Red Network by Dilling)

By 1930, 1025 Communists had infiltrated the Vatican with more to follow. Many of these were to infiltrate America and now at least 50% of America’s Catholic infiltrated institutions may not be recoverable, warned Pope Benedict XVI before he retired.

The Frankfurt School, patterned after the Marxist Moscow Institute, published the English version of its Communist book in 1950, The Authoritarian Personality. It focused on destroying the authoritarian male of western civilization.
When high-ranking American Communist educator Bella Dodd turned Christian, in the early 1950s, she revealed, “If the Communists have their way, you won’t recognize America fifty years from now!” She was right!

Radical revolutionary socialist/communist and occultist, Saul Alinsky – Hillary Clinton’s mentor – infiltrated the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and turned it into another ACORN.

Tremendous confusion still abounds in both mainstream and alternative media, as planned. Yes, Soros was a “Nazi collaborator,” but as a closet Communist! Yes, Margaret Sanger received a Nazi award, but as a lifelong Communist! Hillary is a long-term Communist with Alinsky as her mentor, though she is referred to as “Hitlery.”  The Marxist multiculturalism in America today is Trotskyite.

Democracy has always been the front for Communism. But America is a Christian Republic. Nazism is dead. World War II made the world safe for Communism. When President Trump takes his oath of office, ideally civics books in public and private education will flood the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, so Americans can once again identify Communism.

Included in this American resurgence of civics texts would include explanations for the Democrat rioting and lawlessness we see today: “Communist Strategy and Tactics: Elements of action include the proletariat, the colonial peoples also called immigrants, the peasantry, national minorities, women and blacks. These prepare the conditions for achieving strategic success against nationalism.” (From The Moulding of Communists by Meyer)


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