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In June of 2015, a strange and exciting presidential race began. It started with 17 candidates on the side of the Republicans (the right), and 3 on the left side, the Democrats.


All 17 Republican candidates had some good ideas, interesting ideas. Well, except for maybe two: Lindsay Graham and Jeb Bush. I don’t remember what Graham’s policies would have been, I don’t think anyone does. All I remember is a video of him using a cell phone as a golf ball and swinging a club, hitting it into the air. Not sure what the message was, but if I had to guess he was sick and tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal – the first of many that would come about in the following year.


Jeb Bush was the other candidate that, in my opinion, didn’t have much of anything interesting to say at all. But he was a Bush, the son of President George H. Bush, and the brother of George H.W. Bush. And the Republican Party had plans for him. They were determined to make him the candidate running against Hillary Clinton. In hindsight, I believe they knew they were going to lose anyway, but at that point it didn’t matter because both candidates were going for the NOW (New World Order) policies in the United States. The Republicans threw money at the Jeb Bush campaign like it was water. Tens of millions of dollars later, he was only losing ground! I believe that this is when the Republicans finally knew they had a problem, and that problem was going to be Donald J. Trump.


At this point I think it’s important to note that neither party was what people had remembered the parties to be about eight years before. People were telling me for a rather long time that the Republicans and the Democrats had become socialist, or rather in the vein of New World Order, and that it really didn’t matter who took office next. We would be in a socialist/globalist environment whether a Republicat or a Demoplican became president. I didn’t want to believe it.


At the first presidential debate, the very first question was for Donald Trump, an anti-establishment, non-political, very popular in the public eye, billionaire contender. He was well-hated, as well as well-loved by many, due to his very popular reality TV show, which had gone off the air years before. He was famous, or infamous for firing people on the show, and his sometimes brash attitude was what got the ratings. Who knew that this would also be what got him ratings for the presidency.


The question was jabbed at Mr. Trump by Megan Kelly, an anchor on a popular news television show. The question had to do with the fact that Mr. Trump had called women dogs, fat pigs, and a variety of other cruel names (on his reality show, for the ratings), and there was a question in there somewhere. But Mr. Trump stood up straight, probably just as shocked as the millions watching on TV. He straightened his tie, and said pointing a forefinger upward, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” The crowd roared. It was so unexpected, and it through off that skank of a reporter. She cried, “No!” as the crowd went crazy, drowning out whatever she attempted to say next.


From that moment on, half the country fell in love with Donald Trump and knew that he would be able to stand up to any crap that was flung his way. The other half would have more than a year to hear him, understand him, and stand with him in the election. Kelly, on the other hand, never lived down the horrible, appalling, and totally inappropriate presidential debate question.


It was understood by many later than George Soros, Democratic Party, and the Clinton Foundation scripted that question. But it didn’t matter. He wasn’t the one posing the question on national television. And this would be the first in a series of backfires to the Democratic Party and their gang.


That short section of the debate would be shown a hundred times, with the outcome being the audience’s laughter and delight at Mr. Trump’s answer, to the ridicule of Kelly, the Democratic Party, and George Soros, a Greek billionaire who had a worldwide reputation for destroying several countries with the flooding of illegal immigrants into them. He, apparently, enjoyed the chaos. And America was his next and perhaps final conquest. Months later it would be learned that Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, wanted his head on a platter, that is, Putin wanted Soros’ ass, dead or alive.


Now, getting back to the First Presidential Debate. The 17 Republican candidates were: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Bobby Jindal, Lindsay Graham, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Jim Gilmore, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, George Pataki, Scott Walker, and Rick Perry.


Quite quickly, one by one, each of the 17 candidates would drop out, due to lack of interest and contributions by the voters, or finally giving up, knowing rather rapidly that they were throwing money away. Even though each and every one of them, along with the media, and so many others said that Donald Trump would never, ever end up being the final candidate, they would eventually all eat their words. Mr. Trump was shining through all the way!


Jeb Bush stuck in there for as long as the Republican Party threw their dirty money at him. They were determined to get another Bush to run against Hillary, whom, for some reason they all knew would be the final Democratic candidate. Simply put, it would have to look like some kind of power play race against each other, but in actuality they were both on the same side. Looking back, the only way they would have an inkling that Hitlery would be the last Democrat standing would be the continuation of lying, cheating and stealing, all the way to the final candidate, and ultimately the presidency.


So many millions of dollars were thrown at Jeb Bush, but people just didn’t like him. The Republican Party found it very difficult to understand why they could not cram Jeb down our throats until we actually liked him. It wasn’t going to happen. And he finally had to drop out.


From the time that the now infamous Kelly flung that first question at Mr. Trump, “The Donald” began to understand just how nasty this game of politics could be. Or so he thought. So, to the dismay of many, he started using name-calling to slap the other candidates right out of the race. Naturally, many didn’t like it. But so many more millions did! He was entertaining. He wasn’t backing down. And we would all soon see that he was absolutely brilliant, not to mention unstoppable!


You see, Mr. Trump would be in the headline, if not the headline itself in the news almost every single day, for an entire year. Whether people agreed with him or not, they wanted him to be president. They actually worried about what he would say next. They prayed for him to calm down and stay focused. A couple of times he seemed to go way off course, and people would be screaming at the television set, “No, no, stop! Don’t say that, they’re gonna crucify you.” And the mainstream media did try, constantly, but to no avail. It was likeTrump knew just how the mainstream media (herein “MSM”) would react to each and every word he said. And he USED that.


I believe it was Greta Garbo who had said, “I don’t care what they say about me, as long as they talk about me.” She was so right.


As time went on, every single statement that Trump made was scrutinized, put under a microscope, every word, and the MSM would try to find fault with it. And every single time, Trump was given free air time, so many interviews about “what did you mean when you said this?” It began to become comical, because the anchors were baffled. They “could not stump Trump.” And that became a household saying.


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was having problems of her own, although the TV news attempted to squash every scandal that came about, and there were many. Apparently, several thousand emails that were supposedly destroyed would be surfacing by Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. He was in hiding for stealing certain government emails, and he was threatening to expose Hillary Clinton’s – the ones that she had purposely deleted (AFTER being subpoenaed!) You see, these would incriminate her. She knew this, that’s why she was using her own private illegal server in her basement! When she discovered that she couldn’t just use the delete button to make her incriminating emails go away, she used a very expensive application to assist with this. It was called BleachBit.


As the news anchors would tell us, these could not even be recovered by God himself. And, in that same breath it would seem that that would be enough for the “news” to just forget about them altogether. They just figured, if there’s no evidence, let’s just sweep the whole story under the rug. But Julian Assange had the emails … all of them. And to the delight of Trumplicans everywhere, he was going to expose them in October of 2016. It was to be known as the anticipated “October Surprise.”


Well, the mainstream media just scoffed away this terrible story of their beloved Hillary (or Hellery, Killery, Hitlery, oh there were so many awful names for her, that, it was found in the end, she truly deserved), as she “fought” to defeat the two other candidates running against her. I put the word “fought” in quotes, because most people think of fighting with their fists or their minds, but Hillary would be fighting tooth and nail with money – millions and millions of dollars! (By the way, the one cruel but deserving name that would stick the her like glue was the one Mr. Trump himself gave her: “Crooked Hillary”.)


One of Crooked Hillary’s running mates was Martin O’Malley, who was gone in the blink of an eye. He really sounded idiotic at the Democratic debates, and I had to think that they just came up with this guy to make it look like she had another man to defeat.


Then there was Bernie Sanders, who, much to Hillary’s surprise and disgrace, actually developed a following. Students who were being taught that socialism was actually a good thing (maybe in another country, kids, but not in America), were readying to vote for Sanders. They had no idea what freedom in America looked like, anyway, since most of them were too young to realize that our freedoms were all but ripped from us on September 11, 2001. So they were the perfect misinformed, or uninformed, and inexperienced voters for Sanders. He looked like everyone’s little Jewish grandpa, and that had a certain appeal (to the students, and some others, not to Trumpsters.) Jewish-born, yes. Then turned Born Again. Believed in Socialism/Communism. I mean, it was confusing for the rest of the intelligent world: A born again Jewish Nazi thumping for socialism in America. What?


It was said that he received millions in donations, from small donors, averaging about $27 per fan/voter. He was gaining ground, and the Democrats had to start taking notice. After all, Bernie Sanders was not the one who was “supposed to win”! And the Democratic Party was, again, not happy. Oh, no, this would never do. Quite suddenly, he was rather yanked from the election. Knowing later about Hillary’s foul mouth and “distemper-like” disposition, she probably just said to the powers that be, “That’s it, get this clown gone!” And he was.


Apparently, this poor clown (who was actually not wealthy at all), ended up buying a $600,000 mansion in the Adirondacks! Such a surprise to all! Such a shock to his fans! Such a sell-out! Oh, and he endorsed Hillary.


Man, that really hurt his supporters, and himself. They felt left out in the cold – because they were! Some cried. I can’t imagine that they all actually wanted socialism, but I can imagine that they really did not want Hillary. And they were Democrat. Or so they thought. But many would find out soon that this was not their parents’ or grandparents’ Democratic Party. They had more surprises coming.


The Bernie supporters attempted to be die-hards, but to no avail. It was over, but they were in denial, for a short while, anyway. They attended Hillary’s rallies, they cried, they carried banners, they commiserated with each other. But Sanders was done. To their continued disappointment and horror, he would attend her rallies, and praise Hillary there. His followers perhaps did not know it yet at this time, but he had became just another puppet to the Democratic Party/Hitlery/Soros/Obama. His followers continued to believe that it was against his will, that his heart just wasn’t in it, and it did seem that way. But, with his pockets now full, he just about disappeared from view until “they,” the puppet masters, told him to reappear again, occasionally.


Meanwhile, a phenomenon was occurring. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters were attending Trump’s rallies. I was one of them. His rallies began attracting numbers that super rock stars could only fantasize about! Not only were people, thousands of people, waiting outside to be admitted into stadiums that were already full, but the energy was electric! Trump had the power to energize the crowd! Because his words were true, really truthful! This was something that Americans had not heard in at least eight years, if not longer.


My husband and I were not crazy about big crowds. And we didn’t want any trouble. So, we were hesitant to attend one of Trump’s rallies. But we took the chance. In Dexter, NY, at the Watertown International Airport, we followed the sea of cars into the parking lot, being escorted into parking spots one by one. We exited the car, only to see a Hillary sign next to us. My husband said, “Look, a Hillary supporter.” And I shuddered. BUT, it was not. The sign said “Hillary For Prison 2016!” We looked at each other and laughed, and we once again felt good about being there.


We bought souvenirs, a button, a hat that said “Make America Great Again,” and a bumper sticker. We weren’t allowed to take anything into the rally area, and we knew that already, so my cell phone was the only thing we didn’t leave in the car. After all, we had to take pictures!


Trump was exciting, magnetic, and he always said the right things – to the people, anyway. The msm would dissect his every word, breath, and gesture, attempting to pound his popularity into the ground, but to no avail. It didn’t matter what he said to MAKE THE MEDIA PAY ATTENTION. We knew what he really said, really meant, and we knew what he was doing. And it was all alright to us!


The mainstream media TV news NEVER, EVER, EVER showed his rallies. They never mentioned how many people were there, and sometimes there were more than 30,000 supporters. This went on, frustratingly to Trumplicans, all year long. So sad. So unfair. So biased.


One would think that the news would cover this in America. But we were slowly learning that this was not the America we knew before Barrack Hussein Obama took office. Now we were in unchartered territory. And we may as well have been in another country, when it came to the TV news. They were not telling us anything good about Mr. Donald Trump. We would learn later that they were trying to hold on to their jobs, therefore they could not report on Mr. Trump in a positive way at all. Soros wouldn’t like it, and it would help to defeat him, and that was a no-no! And we all knew it. But I supposed the msm did not know that we all knew it.


Even Mike Pence, the VP running mate, filled stadiums after a while! We loved him, too. He proved, so far, to be a great pick by Mr. Trump! And even the Republicans in the White House liked him. Because he was very conservative.


As time went on, we began to realize that NOBODY was showing up at Clinton rallies. I mean, it was laughable and sad, and a waste of time and money.


One rally attracted only 30 people! THIRTY! She couldn’t fill a classroom!


Later we would find out that people were being PAID to stand there, chant, carry signs, they even had scripted actors … all at the Clinton/Kaine rallies. It seemed that whomever she brought to fight to win over voters, nothing was helping. Cher, Miley Cyrus, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Odumbass himself. It didn’t matter. People were just not interested in hearing her speak (shriek) about how bad Trump was and how she was going to continue Obama’s “legacy.” Why they would call what he lacked to do in America a legacy, nobody knows. A “legacy” generally infers that something good took place. But she was to continue the disastrous “affordable care act” a.k.a. Obamacare. And she would continue to open the borders, as if there were none, to let in illegals, muslims, terrorists, drug cartel, and anyone else that wanted to be in the U.S.A. for any reason. There would actually be no more America, because as Trump had been telling us, there is no country without borders around the country! Sound familiar? It should. It is what Soross had been doing to other countries, and now it was to be our turn.


This was not a good thing. None of it was good. And people were still voting for her.


We would see a clip on the internet where a news reporter stopped Hitlery fans, asking if they thought that sharia law, which Hitlery will allow nationwide, was a good thing. NONE of the at least ten people that they asked knew what it was at all, and they all said, “Yeah, sure, why not?” This is a whole new level of stupid. And these were the voters that we (the intelligent people) could not reach. They just seemed like hopeless simpletons, unaware, misinformed, or uninformed about the Clintons. They just wanted a woman in the White House. A vagina. They didn’t even know why else they were voting for her.


Some said that she had been in politics for so long that she “just deserved it.” What? Since when does someone “just deserve” a position? Especially when, according to polls, MOST people in the United States of America, even those voting for her, did not trust her. So, why vote for someone you don’t trust? They didn’t even know the answer to that. But they were voting. God help us!


Trump became so popular over the months that his rally attendance totaled over 350,000 people altogether. And this was at least two months before the election! Hitlery’s was not even one-tenth of that. And the lamestream media continued to try to convince us that Hitlery’s poll numbers and voters were up over Trumps, over the entire 18 months of campaigning. This was absolutely impossible, and We The People knew it.


Personally, I started becoming worried about how much Mr. Trump was doing. He became 70 years old during the time he was campaigning, traveling every single day, and sometimes speaking at three to five rallies in one day!! (As I write this, he had two rallies that I know of on November 1st: in Old Forge, Pennsylvania; and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Where does he get the engery? From the massive crowds!)


And I remember that fool, George Stephanopolous, asking Trump if he thought it was a good idea to take a break to cut the ribbon for his newly-built Trump casino in Washington, D.C. Was he kidding? No, George is an ass and never kids. Trump had a rally that day, with tens of thousands of supporters, he launched his casino, AND he had the interview with George. What a nerve George had!


At this point, George was lucky, very lucky, that anyone even watched him on television anymore, because this was a rather “nice” interview on his part. Don’t get me wrong, George could NEVER stump Trump. It just got very aggravating to watch and listen to. And that went for every single one of the news reporters, anchors, etc., that were trying so very desperately, in the name of their furer, George Soross, to knock Trump off his popularity podium. It was impossible. And Trump continued to be unstoppable!


Meanwhile, America was also falling in love with Trump’s family. Ivanka was beautiful, brilliant, professional, and she empowered women. Melania had been a gorgeous model in her youth, and now she was poised to be the gorgeous First Lady, and we couldn’t wait to replace the sorry excuse for a “woman” that was in the White House at the time. Eric and Donald Trump, Jr. were executives, clean-cut, handsome, and they both spoke well, so they helped with the campaigning, too. And there was Tiffany, the daughter of Trump’s first wife (and apparently still friend), Ivana. And Trump and Melania also had abeautiful 10-year old son of their own, Baron. It was later thought that perhaps one of the Trump sons, or perhaps Ivanka, would be a future President of the United States of America. This could happen.


As the months went by, the fighting got dirty. Soross had the nerve to send millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter, funding their terrorist organization right in the midst of cop-shooting, which was instigated by Obama and Soross, and the division of the United States’ people. It was the plan of the devil, George Soross, as he thrived on chaos, sadness and death. It started, it is believed, in Ferguson, when a cop shot of black thug. Soross loved this stuff and started funding unruly black thugs then. And it was hurting us, as he got off on it.


For a while, the msm covered the cop shootings. But then they stopped. Well, they had to. Mr. Trump was becoming the candidate of “LAW AND ORDER.” And who wouldn’t want that in the midst of these crises?! Once again, the Democrats were shooting themselves in the foot, and people were being murdered, senselessly, because Soross was again holding onto the puppet strings. In this chapter of his sick book the black people were the puppets, as well as the victims. They had no idea yet.


To add insult to injury, Wikileaks attempted to present their “October Surprise.” But, guess what? The msm stopped it. And, once again, America was in the dark about what was really happening with Hitlery and the Clinton Foundation.


But out of this came a silver lining: Project Veritas, headed by O’Keefe. O’Keefe first threatened to release, and then released, several videos showing that Hitlery and her gang HIRED PROTESTORS at the Trump rallies. This was the whole reason for the violence at Trump rallies. Without this, there would have been NO VIOLENCE at the rallies.


This needs repeating: WITHOUT THIS, there would have been NO VIOLENCE at the Trump rallies.


She did this inside the rallies, outside of them, she had people instigate violence on the streets, take Trump signs off lawns, plant adults in Donald Duck costumes spreading lies about Mr. Trump, and so many other things that would surface later. Was this a presidential campaign? We The People, and plenty of Democrats by the way, were completely disgusted.


I truly believe that when people heard about Hillary planting VIOLENCE at Trump rallies, they decided NOT to vote for her. Because that was common sense. It was so very damning to her and her campaign. And she should have gone to jail for this alone. She PAID needy Americans, and illegals, $1,500 to cause chaos, hurt people, defame a presidential candidate, and dirty this election.


I am sure Mr. Trump cried at some point when he heard about this. He mentioned it at several rallies following, seemingly in a state of shock. People were hurt at his rallies, and now he knew why. How could another “candidate” do this to innocent Americans? He deserved to be President. Not her. He had never lied to us. He had never committed any crime. He may not have been perfect (who among us is?), but he was for Americans and America first. And We The People loved him.


It is now eleven days before national voting on November 8th. And FBI Director Comey has found something new. In an unrelated scandal regarding Weiner, who is the estranged sexting husband of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedan (a muslim and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood – something that the lamestream media never mentions), there were emails (650,000 of them) found that may be related to the Clinton email scandal.


Hillary Clinton is in the air, on her private jet, with no wifi, and misses this breaking news … until she steps off the plane. She is so blindsided that she cannot answer the press’ questions about this scandal.


Later, as she makes her scripted press conference speech, with lots of great big American flags in the background (a sight that is starkly absent during most of her other speeches, and even during the Democratic Convention), she looks very much like a “hostage victim,” as one anchor described her. She is clearly taken off-guard, and wants to know what exactly the FBI found, sooner rather than later.


This is yet another part of her October Surprise, and could surely be the final nail in the coffin of her “presidential” campaign.


One week before the election, and the FBI, NSA, etc. are finding so many more emails relating to Hitlery, and yet, STILL no arrests have been made.


At this point, Trump is definitely going to be the strong popular vote, if not a wicked landslide. However, the lamestream media is STILL not telling us much about the latest numerous scandals involving Hitlery. Trumplicans know that the Democrats will STILL try to steal this election.


About 3 days before the election, yet another skank comes forward saying that Trump touched her decades ago. At this point, it’s beginning to sound ridiculous on msm TV, and the story quickly disappears at the same time it is revealed that the last skank that claimed something similar admits to be paid $500,000 by Gloria Alread to LIE ABOUT TRUMP.


It was about over by then. And people already knew who they were voting for.


My husband kept telling me that historically when a Democrat fails, a Republican takes his place in the next election. But Obama had failed, miserably, yet he was elected again. And this was no ordinary election. We really could not depend on history when it came to this very controversial and extraordinary election.


Still, some people hung on to the false rumor that Trump was racist. Still they thought he was a misogynist. The msm had done a good job at fooling the average American, as well as others living in this country, into thinking that Trump was racist and cruel to women. This was not true at all. We The People, who have watched him from the beginning KNEW this, but it would fall on deaf ears.


Well, there are none so deaf as those who WILL NOT HEAR the truth.


Finally, the night before the election, PRAYER took place. And this was massive prayer. Christians filled the streets of Times Square. Reverends around the nation had a scheduled prayer session at 9:00 pm for all Americans to join in. It was actually the Christians making a statement. They were determined to stop the genocide! And in numbers there was true heavenly strength!


Election Day was here. November 8, 2016. My husband and I put on our red t-shirts, and we were off to vote. We wondered how many would show up in Cape Vincent, New York, a town with a population of about 600 during the winter. The snowbirds had left, and we could only hope that their absentee ballots in Florida and South Carolina, mostly, would get to the voting polls in time.


We were so proud, as we were in 2008 and 2012, when the Democratic Party cheated with millions of dead peoples’ votes (Acorn), and nobody did anything about it. We were to be in shock, both times, due to a rigged election, and there was nothing we could do about it.


We had a Trump sign in our front yard, as well as in our driveway. And my husband put up a huge American flag on a pole to show our American pride.


To our surprise, there were more people voting than we’ve ever seen in our small town. And some even wore red. They waved a friendly “hi” to us, even if they didn’t know us, because we wore red. A woman I’ve known a while, but don’t speak to much, was there working at the voting poll. She saw me and my husband, very obviously wearing red, and she waved profusely, with a great big smile. I waved back, smiling. We could read each other’s minds.


It was soon over, and it was still morning. There was a long day ahead, as we waiting in anticipation. People were nervous, had stomache aches, as they described themselves on Facebook. There was much anxiousness, and some nausea. We wanted Trump to win so badly, but deep inside we knew that Hitlery would cheat all she could to steal this election.


If nothing else, Mr. Donald J. Trump made Americans PROUD again. We could feel patriotic again. We were listening to the truth, instead of msm lies. And Mr. Trump spoke of problems plaguing the United States that nobody else had the balls to address. We were awakened!


Well, as it turned out, Hitlery had the media on her side. She pretended to have celebrities on her side, as she showed up at their concerts. I think a rapper and a skank, vulgar singer were the final nails in her campaign coffin, because they didn’t do her popularity any good at all. It was said that Hitlery didn’t know the microphone was still on, when she told the skank singer to play something “a little less negro.”


Trump won. He won in a landslide, especially in Ohio. The msm would not let us know this until about 2:30am.


And yet, about 12:30 am, one reporter asked another what it meant when she saw a note that said, “Done. It’s over. He’s won.”


They knew it already, yet they strung us along for 2 more hours. Gee, I wonder what their hesitation was. Oh, yeah, they were STILL trying to cheat and steal the election.


But the numbers didn’t lie and it was set in stone. TRUMP HAD WON!!


My husband and I stayed up until almost 1:00 am that night/morning. We were so tired that we decided to just go to bed and see the results in the morning. He stayed up a bit longer than I did, and he was already convinced that Trump had won.


I woke up at 4:00 am, but I decided not to check the news. I didn’t want to hear that Hitlery won, and then try to go back to sleep. A little after 6:00, I woke up again. This time I checked my phone. Tears of joy ran down my face, as I woke up my husband to tell him the good news. “He won!” He won!!


It’s 3 days later as I write this, and I still feel like I’m in a dream. Trump worked so very hard, as his staff and family did. They deserved to win, and they will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


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