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For several years now since the Trayvon Martin shooting the Democrats on the streets have been heavily involved in mayhem.

Democrat violence has destroyed property and hurt people from coast to coast and one social branch of the Democrats is even responsible for the murders of police officers namely BLM. The number of Democrat based organizations causing mayhem is as outrageous as the acts they commit. BLM, The New Black Panthers, Occupy, BAMN, La Raza, Antifa and others are currently working around the clock to bring about anarchy.

The incidences of mayhem and violence are not restricted to riots portrayed as protests by the MSM either. How many of you have a MAGA hat from the elections? Millions were sold. How often do you see someone wearing one in public? Do you wear yours in public? You are more likely to see the yellow and green of a John Deere hat than a MAGA hat. That tells us that people are afraid to wear their hats out in public because of potential Democrat violence. Sure not all Democrats are like that just like all Muslims don’t believe in Sharia law. There is a significant number of people who identify as Democrat voters who are violent against people who do not share their political views.

I wear my MAGA hat in public almost every time I go out in public. I have 3 of them so yeah I’m gonna wear them. People look at me like I’m crazy. Like I’m just looking for trouble. Like at any moment one of the Democrat brown shirts are going to whisk me away. And yes I do realize that I am increasing the chances of not coming back from the grocery store and having to make a B line to the hospital on the way home considerably by wearing the hat. You never know when you’re going to run across an unhinged Democrat. Imagine that even without legislation, Democrats have curbed America’s freedom to decide what kind of hat we can wear.

I wear it because I feel I must consequences be dammed. That being said I do understand why so many others do not wear their hats in public. Democrats are violent, dangerous creatures. They cannot be depended on to behave in a civilized manner and you can never take your guard down when you’re in a situation where some may be present.

Since the government doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything about these people (like locking them up) and the media insists on continuing to cover up what their cohorts are doing, violent Democrats is just something we have to live with.

What we don’t have to live with is their representatives holding public office.

In November …. vote them all out.

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