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We are cursed to live in interesting times. Odd enough that the land of the free and the home of the brave should have the iconic residence of its president be a building which, if not exactly built by slaves, at least had slaves participate in its building. But, we now actually have a First Lady who openly boasts of how great a country it is because she lives in a house built by slaves. And this, the so well-honored and respected First Lady who was unattributively quoted by the wife of the candidate of the opposing party. I suppose, in four years, should Melania Trump appropriate these latest words as her own, they will not receive such wide approbation.

It is beyond odd that anyone should claim that a country is great because any of its buildings were built by slaves. But, it is even more strange that history is a bit more tangled than even that. The very house that was built in part by slaves and is now so proudly occupied by Michele Obama was just as equally burned down, in part, by slaves in 1814.

But the truly astonishing thing is that anyone would extol the discordant, bubble-boy perspective of the First Lady as a positive for the Democrats. How out of touch can one be to boast of living in a house built by slaves? And worrying about your children protected by armed guards? Who can relate to these experiences? What a great country! I live in a house built by slaves, and have armed guards protecting my children! Don’t let anyone tell you this is not a great country! And, by the way, I really trust Hillary Clinton? Huh?

Will this la-di-da rhetoric work with a party that has factions so hopping mad about real and perceived injustices that they have practically declared war on the police? Will it work on a party that has just had its rigged nominating system outed by yet another email scandal? Will anyone believe or be influenced by the woman in the bubble extolling the virtues of the former Secretary of State, who the FBI just declared was reckless with our national secrets, and who has been caught in a series of lies, including lies to the families of the fallen Americans at Benghazi, almost before the bodies were cold. Well, we live in America, the country where anything is possible. Don’t let anyone tell you that it is not a great country!


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