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If you have ever visited a Senator’s Web Page you will see they have a list of all the many things they have their fingers in.  As an example I give you the choices of one of our Iowa Senators.

On Senator Grassley’s Website he lists the following issues:

Agriculture / Rural Development
Constituent Services
Government Oversight
Health Care
Homeland Security
International Diplomacy
International Trade
Retirement Security
War on Terrorism

That is a whopping amount of involvement even for someone who has six offices in the state.  That kind of involvement would require a very large staff and expense.  When you see what one member of Congress has on his plate and the fact that most if not all of Congress failed to read all the stimulus bill the conclusion must be drawn that there is either too much government involvement or that government will get much bigger and cumbersome and expensive.

If you were an employer and you assigned this amount of responsibility to an employee and he passed a stimulus bill that he didn’t have time to read let alone comprehend what would you do?  Pare down his involvement or give him more assistants to expand his regime?  If as the employer, his costs were affecting your ability to pay for his expansion and involvement would you not tell him he needed to cut back to an affordable level?  That is what is done in the private sector if one wants to remain in business.  In government the same principle applies but the employer in this case the taxpayer is falling down on the job and allowing the employees to do and spend what they want with the obvious fate of such a policy is a bankrupt nation.

President Obama has said a stimulus requires spending.  What is stimulating about amassing more debt?  All other people and organizations that want to return to economic stability try to reduce their debt load ( which includes spending less), building up their savings and assets and getting their spending to match their revenues which is the process of budgeting. This spending approach is not good money management but reckless ignorance.  This is another aspect of the number of arenas the government has spread out into and how they have relegated the ability to spend but ignore the importance of restraint.  The government’s answer to every issue it cabbages onto is to throw money at it.  This is not managing anything.  A derelict with a credit card is what we have managing government appropriations.

Like any story there is an ending that is unfolding.  This reckless expansion of government will not result in a well managed organization keeping our economy humming and our currency stable.  We will have chaos and shortages of jobs, food and law and order.  Government has lost sight of priorities by dabbling in everything it can and botching most of it.  Only the immediate gets attention and this leads to crisis management which is the most ineffective and expensive type to practice.  This stimulus fiasco will evaporate into oblivion just as the lost 78 billion from TARP.   A new stimulus will be sought after which the effects of too much money chasing too few goods will explode with an inflationary trend that will put panic front and center on the street.  I have not heard of what the stimulus will do to make the economy stabile and I don’t expect to.  No one knows how more spending is supposed to work because it never has.  Especially when the spending is with dollars we don’t have and may not be able to get without just printing paper.  If you had someone owing you money who was running a printing press what would be your reaction to ever increasing requests for more loans?

This fantasy is about to erupt with the wrath of reality that it deserves.  There will be finger pointing from Washington at everyone except where it belongs.  The Democrats will not be able to gain cover since they bulldozed the spending approach onto the taxpayer.  Where was representation for this massive taxation?  This was a tea party event if there ever was one.

When you have people who act in defiance of reality and will not acknowledge reasonable arguments and historical evidence all you can do is wait for the results you have predicted to arrive and point out what then becomes painfully obvious.  It is a far more difficult task to repair a demolition than to prevent collapse.  That requires foresight and a willingness to act to avert disaster. The pragmatists we have running the government intent on retaining their status and office do not have the mental ability to see what is coming or worse they are ignoring the obvious.

With the passage of the stimulus package we have stepped over the abyss and the rest of this story will be painful and wicked.  Governments always bad mouth the power and greed of the businessman but they have now made their favorite scapegoat irrelevant as someone to blame.  The government is now standing on the pedestal of responsibility for what ever is coming.  There will not be cheers for their pompous irresponsible headlong plunge into the pit of despair, chaos and poverty.


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