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The James T. Hodgkinson attack on Republicans is not the first, or last, product of the hate employed by Democratic Party leaders who are neither “democratic” or leaders. There is every reason to believe they will continue on their suicidal course as they have nothing else.

As Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism works as long as you don’t run out of other people’s money.” Liberals think they have found a bottomless well in former Federal Reserve Chairman Dr. Ben Bernanki’s trick of “…putting T-Bonds on a shelf,” meaning they are backed by nothing. You do not need a Ph.D. in Economics to know money backed by nothing is of no value and disaster is inevitable. What do you do when there is no more toilet paper? It can happen here.

Meanwhile, back at the flaming problem: What are we to do to protect our people? Our Congressmen were very lucky two brave police officers were nearby and could command the scene, kill the assassin, but they were only armed with pistols and he had a rifle. The difference is critical.

Pistols are only accurate at distances of 30 or 40 feet. Where they are held in one hand a rifle has three points of support: A shoulder and two hands. Rifles are well sighted: Pistols are not as they cannot be. The barrels are too short to put enough spin on an aerodynamic bullet, which a pistol round is not as it and the case have to be very short for a compact mechanics. If the bullet is not metallurgically uniform it will spiral in flight, perhaps by a foot.

The late Mr. Hodgkinson was about 300 feet from his targets; a workable distance for a rifle, but not a pistol. Rifle rounds typically have muzzle velocities of 3000 feet per second where pistols have 800 to 1000 ft./sec. velocities. Per d = (g x r^2)/2 the rifle bullet will fall 1.92 inches in 300 feet which is normally accounted for in the sights. Pistol bullets will fall 17.3 inches in that same distance with no compensation in the sight. The best strategy in using a pistol defensively is to empty it as soon a possible in the direction of the enemy and have lots of extra magazines.

In the “gunfighter” days the “white hat” gunmen let their opponents get off the first shot which not only established them as the defender, but gave them time to aim carefully at the largest body mass and hit something as a result. They knew the “quick draw” man’s shot would be wild and theirs precise. No western movie author or director has dealt with this fact properly to date. So, what are we to do?

Between the Muslims and Democrats we have a high likelhood of more such incidents, but they can be quelled with a simple strategy and two or three well-armed and trained men armed with the sniper version of the AR16. They should be placed 30 degrees apart opposite the most likely place for a berserk Democrat or Muslim to use as a platform. They should be dressed to blend into the crowd and while the immediate people will know who and what they are from a distance they will be invisible and appear to be bassoon players who like baseball given the cases they will carry.

On the first shot the case is opened and the loaded rifle is in our man’s hands in a moment answering back. The shot he fires to eliminate the shooter will not be heard by him as the 222 caliber aerodynamic bullet travels at three times the speed of sound. It may take a few of these to convince the Muslims and a few more to convince Democrats, but it can be done.

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