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Should Congress and/or the DOJ be investigating Barack Obama’s role in spying on the Trump campaign?

That is exactly what Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch, believes should happen next.

Fitton appeared on the Fox Business Network with Lou Dobbs earlier this weekend to explain why investigators should now be setting their sights on Obama.

Certainly for everyday Americans who understand that there is no collusion, and so the Mueller report will confirm that, there will be material in there placed by anti-Trump activists to try to smear the president and suggest misconduct on obstruction…

The overwhelming evidence is there was no obstruction. If they could have made the case they would have and the big news here is that the Russia hoax has been exposed, the deep state coup cabal has to focus on something else now… This just shows that the president has been under siege, we have to thank the stars that the Mueller operation is over… despite Mueller and his operatives knowing for over a year that there was no collusion, they allowed this to fester to continue to make the president look bad.

There is going to have to be not only accountability for how the Mueller operation began, but how it operated… Remember the FISA warrants were only one aspect of the spy campaign against President Trump, it included leaks and political bias and of course they were trying to entrap the Trump team by launching spies against the Trump campaign. Never in American history has there been such a spy effort against a candidate and abuse of power by an administration targeting its political opposition. Never before, not Nixon, not Johnson, never before.

And Barack Obama, this is his legacy, this corruption.

From Fitton’s lips to God’s ears… investigating how this entire debacle began is vital to clearing the deck and winning back America’s trust.

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