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Unless you are well informed, you will be grossly misinformed. Just where do our true values lie? What rules do we follow? Benjamin Franklin said: “Don’t be like a mugwump.” That’s a fella that sits on a fence with his mug on one side and his wump on the other. A do nothing, accomplish nothing, but delegate type.

Taras Bulba was told to have faith. The Poles severely mistreated the Kazakh’s. They were used and abused, and treated as second class citizens in spite of the fact that they were used as mercenary soldiers. Taurus’s reply was: “There is only one way to have faith in a Pole. Put your faith in your sword, and the sword in the Pole.” Truth is our sword!

The US Dollar is at an all time low. Our life time adversaries, The Banksters, China and a few others own our debts. It is a financial strangle hold. The US Dollar is constantly devalued. There is no silver or gold backing it up. A twenty dollar gold piece (Troy ounce) is worth over $1.600. A twenty dollar bill can’t even buy a decent neck tie. All this adds up to is that the wrong people are in control. Obama has bankrupted our country. The more money that is printed, the more it looses its monetary value. Obama is an arrogant power hungry maniac.

Thousands of young Americans lost their lives fighting communism, and radical Islamic jihadists. Now we have a Muslim loving Communist for a president. What can be done about this? Fight him and his devious policies anyway and every way possible. The system that our Founding Fathers established still works. Use it! Be well informed! Know your Civil Liberties, and Constitutional Rights, and be a knowledgeable, and well informed voter. Familiarize yourselves with your political representatives. See who, and what they support.

Open your minds and hearts, and take a stand in whatever way possible to defend your country and individual rights.

Remember! United we stand, divided we fall.

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