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By Conor Coughlin.

I’m not a sub-human, so I could never be made to believe that Ross Perot was some type of spiritual guru preaching about the path to enlightenment through the Natural Law Party. I also don’t believe in Karma, but I’m told by others that it can be a real bitch when it comes back around to bite you in the ass. I don’t know if that is true, but I know I wasn’t born a Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthal incapable of speaking for myself. So, let me adjust my tin-foil hat and man-splain the following facts. The Reform Party of Washington State had been in operation for seven years before we led a peaceful march at the 1999 WTO meeting in Seattle, where we represented the true “spirit” of Ross Perot’s Reform Party. Our people didn’t represent the Know-Nothing Party, and we didn’t believe that “civil disobedience was the name of the game” to reflect American values. We were the Reform Party and had no affiliation with corporate environmentalists, organized labor, anarchists, or any other political movement.

Ross Perot was a man of true integrity, and no sane person would mistake him for a Hindu guru or Jim Jones. So, get this straight: we weren’t teaching Transcendental Meditation as the pathway for securing world peace and happiness. That would be insane to suggest because we fully embraced the Judeo-Christian principles embedded in the US Constitution, not the Communist Manifesto. Ross Perot wasn’t Timothy Leary, and Reformers didn’t need to take a couple hits of LSD to comprehend our party platform. The integrity of Ross Perot is not in question; it’s the legacy of his political party that I must defend. It’s been defined incorrectly by partisan political hacks, including those in the GOP. It was Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment of “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican” that I hold responsible for this situation, so that makes me the guy most qualified to address this specific subject. So, as I describe a set of specific critical issues, including election fraud, let’s not forget that back in 2000, the Reform Party was robbed of its ‘major party status’ by a cabal of Progressive extremists, assisted by corrupt election bureaucrats and protected by the establishment. It’s essential to keep that fact in mind because it will be a defense of a political party, not its founder. Nobody has the right to apply Heckler’s Veto to policy positions taken decades ago, mainly when others may not have ever supported our political positions in the first place. Because these matters involve my words as a Reformer, it’s my responsibility to explain how others had flipped the “spirit” of Ross Perot’s party upside-down. Ross Perot founded my party, and it was like no other.

On August 16, I attempted to attend the Lyndell Election Summit in Springfield, Missouri, to learn about the latest technologies to protect our votes. Still, I was turned away because I had not registered in advance. I can’t dispute that fact, but it is irrelevant to the following controversy. This is probably not what anyone wants to hear, but it still must be stated out loud and not whispered from the shadows. I come from the old school that believes ‘you must stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything”, and Ross Perot was a man that I trusted with the truth. No one could ever mistake Ross Perot for a Hindu guru, and I’m not claiming anyone within the patriot movement would ever buy into something so idiotic. Nobody is that dumb, so it is not an issue I can address. This is about using Lindell TV and as independent voices for political discourse while promoting GOP candidates and/or policy initiatives that affect every American. I’m an advocate for free speech.

I agree with every conservative political position presented by the content providers at those sites. However, I can still totally disagree with subjects not allowed to be discussed openly and transparently. This is not a question of agreement with the majority but my right to speak forcefully on behalf of the minority left without a voice. Fellow conservatives can not select chosen GOP political candidates to represent all the people and then shelter them from tough questions from others on the right side of the political spectrum. Voters don’t care how many lawyers, journalists, or celebrities like some partisan political candidates for office; they want to know how a politician will improve the future of their families. Any time you erect any unreasonable barrier, stepping on your message in the process and learning a lesson on The Law Of Unintended Consequences becomes a risk.

Let me make this one fact perfectly clear. It was not just my “opinion” that the Dept of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program was a National Disgrace and that government lawyers were playing games with the truth. My views on the lack of scientific evidence to support EPA claims were known to many others, and those experts did not buy into the chimerical claims made by government lawyers about using “deemed” electrical savings to claim imaginary electrical energy savings. I’m not into magic, so I’m not so delusional as to believe that bureaucrats could estimate electrical values with greater accuracy than could be recorded with a properly calibrated electrical meter. Without some natural means of verification, I can’t accept the premise that premium-priced EPA products save energy and money and protect the climate. That silly child-like thinking may be prevalent in certain circles, but don’t pretend that scientific evidence supports those notions. I may be wrong but don’t try to convince me that Nikola Tesla died penniless because he was a miserable failure as an inventor. Save your mind games for others because I can form my damn theory on every subject. Admittedly, it would also be based on pure speculation, but it will be formed from my perspective, not that of a UN diplomat.

I have a ‘feeling’ there is a huge unresolved issue hidden from the public that may be related to the stench rising from the proverbial 2-ton elephant locked away in a backroom of the GOP clubhouse, which is surrounded by decades worth of crap. The rotting carcass of that long-dead animal can’t be discarded or resuscitated by any means. Nobody can talk about that ancient artifact because it was the work-horse for a money-making venture known as the “Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs” at Animal Farm, depicted by George Orwell. Unfortunately, the Global Warming myth has crashed, and nobody has come up with a way to account for trillions of dollars essentially flushed down the toilet in a scheme that could not achieve a successful outcome. Climate clowns had set unreachable levels of Greenhouse Gas reductions with no intention of even trying to achieve those goals. Only to place more regulations on industry, enforced by angry bureaucrats drunk on power and hatred. The problem began with a policy decision to label people as sub-humans for questioning government-financed Junk Science. It is that stain on the soul of America that must be removed before actual social order can be restored. That’s also an opinion.

As chairman of the Snohomish County chapter of the Reform Party of Washington State, I was one of three National Delegates from our state sent to our nominating convention in Long Beach, CA, during the 2000 election cycle. Surrogates for Donald Trump and Patrick Buchanan had pitched the best case for their candidates to our local members, and it was no secret that our platform included balancing the federal budget, opposition to gun control, end of job outsourcing, and opposition to NAFTA. When the other two National Delegates from Washington State abandoned our nominating convention to hold a separate nominating convention for the Natural Law Party, I was left as the sole National Delegate for the Reform Party of Washington State. I was also the guy who failed to convince election officials in WA State that Patrick Buchanan had been legally nominated by the Reform Party, and those former Reform Delegates had no legal authority to claim they represented either political party without supporting evidence. Those leaders had publicly abandoned their official position with the Reform Party. However, that didn’t imply they were automatically granted similar state recognition as National representatives for entirely different national political parties. That’s simply not how our electoral process works. The state certainly didn’t have the right to retroactively change the rules to allow bureaucrats to pick and choose who they wanted in charge or political parties. Elections have consequences, and I’d like to share a discovery that drives home that fact.

When the GOP showed it didn’t care about the law in 2000 and blatant election fraud, it tied itself to what came next from the Natural Law Part in 2003. That deceit bought a “Complementary” US government that was to operate in parallel with our existing Constitutional Republic. Dr. John Hagelin had formed a new U.S. Peace Government as America’s primary government, which was establishing peace-creating groups across America to defuse the acute societal stress fueling violence, crime, drug abuse, and other life- and health-afflicting behaviors, which will improve the health, wealth and destiny of the country. So, if you claim that I never supported that twisted version of Utopia, you would be right.


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