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Globalism is a good idea in theory, however the criminal masterminds of the corporate-world and American Progressives have gotten their hands around this idea and they have forced Globalism into a negative light. By making it more of a consolidation of power rather than a method of for concerted efforts between nations, the supporters of this global ideology have destroyed such an effort in the future, and have also made themselves the enemies of the world, including Russia and the United States. If there was ever a cause which both Russia and the United States can get behind and mutually support, it would be that of thwarting this so-called Globalism…together.


A Globalist (by definition) is “a person who advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world or a person or organization advocating or practicing operations across national divisions.” (Oxford Dictionairies, 2017)


By definition, Globalism sounds like a fantastic idea. It is more of an economic theory, the aim of which is to touch every corner of globe and be able to provide economic and social support of nation’s who have historically failed in these areas. The main idea is a humanitarian one, which would bring third-world up to first-world levels and provide prosperity to regions of the world which have yet to find it. Unfortunately, instead of encouraging entrepreneurship within those populations, the plan is to move American and other Western corporations into those to provide community support and services. This would be an ideal situation for some regions of the world, if not for the fact that most American and Western corporations are involved in political and market corruption. The question lingers of whether these corporations would simply continue in their corrupt ways or not, however one thing seems abundantly clear. The progenitors of this ideology actually plan on bringing the first-world down to third-world levels, and even hard-working Americans are beginning to feel the burden and weight of Globalism via the job-market and losing jobs to other countries.


There are multiple downfalls to Globalism; however on major downside to Globalism is that countries would lose their national sovereignty upon signing up for such an ideology. Let’s say, for example, the United States decided to become part of the “New World Order” and begin down a path to Globalism. Americans would quickly realize that their Constitution and other founding documents would be about as useful as a strip of toilet-paper. Every right granted to American citizens via their founding documents, would be called into question and the rules would basically be re-written to serve a future of Globalism. This is much of the reason that so many countries are rejecting such an ideology. It is clearly an attempt to consolidate power to fewer human beings, and take individual nation-states and dissolve them under the rule of those few.


Russia has entirely rejected the globalist ideology, and in my opinion this has a large-part to do with the reason why corrupt American politicians are attacking Russia so viciously. Still to this day there is no solid evidence that Russia hacks ANYTHING, much less the Democratic National Committee earlier in 2016. And for some strange reason, these Globalists (aka the Democratic Party) are little-concerned about the content of the data which was hacked, and more concerned with who hacked who. This is a prime example of the ideology itself already being corrupt. The American Globalists (aka Progressives) do not want the people of the U.S. to talk about the content; they just want everyone to look at the fact that Russia allegedly hacked their official servers. In my humble opinion, the Progressives know that Russia did NOT try to influence the 2016 Presidential Election, but they must find a way to discredit Russia for not jumping on the globalization bandwagon.


Recently in the U.S. under the Obama regime, such language of “Russia and the U.S. working together” could get me labeled as a “Russian Agent,” however I assure you I am not even close to such a label. Mainstream media outlets have labeled anyone doubting their false narrative regarding Russia “Russian Agents,” including Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, among other Conservative and Libertarian show hosts. Basically, if a media outlet backs Donald Trump, or doesn’t believe their fake narrative. These are popular journalists who do NOT want their national sovereignty and individual rights to be stripped from them…and for that they are labeled as agents from Russia.


We have reached a point of absolute ridiculousness. It is almost comical that these insane leftist progressives think they can destroy America and other sovereign nations based on an ideology which strips nations of their sovereignty and handing it over to these blatantly corrupt politicians and corporations. As Americans, we should ALL be standing up against Globalism. The very idea of relinquishing our sovereignty should disgust any American this idea is pitched to. The average citizen has not dived into the details of this ideology, they just hear the “on-the-surface” version making it seem glorious and prosperous.


Trump campaigned on the truth, and spreading the truth about Globalism must have been high on his list of to-do during his campaign. During his foreign policy speech early in 2016, and many times after, Trump boasted that “Americanism…NOT Globalism…will be our creedo!” What he meant by that is that we are not going to give up our national sovereignty, nor are we going to allow a Global elite try to force civilization into their Globalization plan of power consolidation. Trade-deals such as NAFTA and Trans-Pacific Partnership were the start of putting America to the side in an attempt to grow the rest of the world; however the problem there is that the only thing this accomplished was putting America to the side.


Trump has said many times that he will have a policy of “America-First!” This shows that he has a clear understanding of the true enemy of the United States, which is without a doubt in my mind, the progressive ideology of Globalism. All of these lies about Russia “hacking the election” rightfully seems to go in one of Trump’s ears and then out the other. Both Trump and Putin know that the Globalist ideology has failed the people of the world, and its curators of Globalism are scanning the world looking for any excuse to crush the naysayers and critics of such corrupt. Unfortunately for them, Trump was elected in a landslide, The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (another Globalist effort), Italy just voted itself away from Globalism, and France (among other nations) are beginning to realize what Globalism really means…and how it is NOT a benefit to their societies, contrary to how it is advertised.


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